Salsa Services

nonprofit data cleanup Photo: A member of Salsa's Services Team is always ready to take your call.

Data Clean Up to Website Design & Everything in Between

Whether your nonprofit needs data cleanup or a new website design, we want to know about it. Salsa's Client Services team handles all new client setups as well as custom projects. This includes anything from data cleanup, webpage customization, and reporting to large-scale content and campaign migration.

The team is comprised of nonprofit tech veterans who are particularly experienced with complicated and varied migration needs, creative solutions and Salsa’s data structure. The Client Services team works with a wide variety of Salsa clients from small political accounts to large, multi-national organizations.

For completely new website designs, large development projects and more, we have a community of partners who know Salsa like the back of their hand. We'll gladly introduce you.

Salsa Has the Goods from Salsa Labs on Vimeo.

Need something? Tell Us  What You Need:

Custom Reports

  • Planning & Design
  • Creation

Campaign Migration

  • Planning
  • Implementation

Data Services

  • Manipulation
  • Imports
  • Backup and Export
  • SQL Dump
  • Recovery
  • Merge

Email Delivery Services

  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Resolution

Front-End Development

  • Web Template Extraction & Securing
  • Email Template Build
  • Stock Template Customization
  • Webform Parsing
  • Form Customization


  • Personalized Standard Training
  • Custom Training Development
  • Custom Training Delivery

Need something not listed above?  We have more than 200 partners in our community with a wide variety of expertise and experience.  They also “have the goods.”  Let us know what you need, and we will introduce you to the partners best suited to help you.

Success Story

EWG Fundraise to Protect Public Health and the Environment Using the Salsa Platform

How much does the environment really affect human health? Are air pollutants and tainted water shortening our lives and those of our children? What should we look for and where can we find credible answers? These questions and many others have been driving environmental awareness in recent years.