Best Of Blog: Social Media For Nonprofits

May 23, 2014

Let’s hit the pause button. We’re thrilled so many of you are signing up for our upcoming webinars, read one of our other blog articles or downloaded a resource about social media. You are probably ready to start dipping your toes deeper into uncharted social media waters, we figured it was also the perfect time to re-cap some of Salsa’s latest and greatest blog posts that address the biggest social media issues for nonprofits and trying new things.

Even the savviest of social media experts began somewhere – a post, a tweet, a pin, a vine. Social media vehicles will continue to evolve, but the importance of building and deepening relationships with your supporters is a constant.

Here is a round-up of our top five social media blog articles for nonprofits:

  1. Eight Tips for Deciding to Join (or Not) a Social Media Site: Are you ready to venture into the world of up and coming social media sites, or are you doing it just because you think you should? This post gives you a reality check on setting realistic expectations and goals for your social media strategy.  Feel free to share theaccompanying infographic with anyone who demands that you’re on every single social media network in existence.
  2. Five Things You Must Do on Social Media: Drop everything. Before you create another social media account, make sure you check out these five tips to help you succeed.
  3. Top Ten Twitter Handles that Every Nonprofit Should Follow: New to the Twittersphere and looking to follow the gurus? Here are 10 nonprofit and social media experts you need to follow.
  4. How to Connect Your Email List with Social Media ProfilesYou know people are out there talking about your organization on social media. But you have no idea how to match them with who’s actually on your email list. This in-depth article helps you break down those pesky silos separating your email and social media outreach.
  5. Social Media for List Building 2.0: Your organization’s strength is social media, but you want to take the next step and cultivate those relationships via email. How do you get email addresses from your social media fans? This post walks through the process of creating custom tabs in Facebook step-by-step. It also gives a few more tips for transforming your email list signups into social media followers.

If you haven’t read it yet, download “The Essential Guide to Social Media for Nonprofits” now.  Right now. Seriously, do it. If you did it already, give yourself a pat on the back.  You’re one smart cookie.

Social Media for Nonprofits


Jennifer Gmerek
Content Marketing Specialist

Jennifer has 10 years of experience in helping nonprofits take creative approaches to their advocacy, fundraising and engagement efforts online. She has managed online campaigns for Amnesty International USA and works to protect human rights, internet freedom and free speech.