Salsa Labs v. ActionKit

Advocacy Software Comparison

Sarah Chose Salsa Labs

Sarah Hackney

Grassroots Director,
National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

"Simply wouldn't be able to do our jobs without Salsa!"

"We simply wouldn’t be able to do our jobs, here at NSAC, if we didn’t have a tool like Salsa for petitions and emailing your legislator. Those are the kind of tools that help take people from passive information receivers into engaged grassroots advocates and that is what absolutely makes a difference when it comes to influencing policies." 

Why Nonprofits Choose Salsa Labs Over ActionKit?

  • For organizations and campaigns looking to affect policy on the Federal, State, and Local levels, Salsa Engage is a better fit than ActionKit which does not offer Local targets.
  • Salsa Engage offers powerful marketing automation and segmentation so you're targeting the right supporters at the right time with actions that resonate with them.
  • Salsa Engage is easy to set up. Forms and emails can be quickly designed and launched without any coding knowledge. Users report ActionKit being very rigorous to set up and configure.
  • While ActionKit is just an advocacy point tool, you can get it all with Salsa - advocacy, marketing automation, fundraising, and CRM.
Online Advocacy Software - Salsa over ActionKit
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