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Fundraising Software Comparison

Christina chose Salsa over CiviCRM

Christina Conner

Membership and Development Manager,
Vestibular Disorders Association

"CiviCRM features lack consistency."

"CiviCRM is a powerful database, however for our growing organization, supporting its 'weight' on our server was becoming cost-prohibitive; additionally, its features lack consistency and often do not work as needed, necessitating copious 'work-arounds' for even the most basic of tasks. With Salsa, we are not only looking forward to its enhanced donor management and reporting functions, but we will be able to optimize our server for our website instead of our database, thus improving our visitor experience on our largest outreach tool."

Why Nonprofits Choose Salsa Labs Over CiviCRM?

  • CiviCRM software development is done by a combination of in-house and community developers while Salsa has a dedicated product development team focused on enhancements our clients need every day.
  • NTEN/Idealware's 2017 Donor Management Systems Guide reported that "The rate of development varies. When one component gets a user interface update, others might not. This can produce a less-consistent user experience than might be desired."
  • Salsa CRM includes phone and email support with every package. CiviCRM may be free, open-source software, but may require extra costs to setup and dedicated consulting services to provide ongoing support.
  • CiviCRM lacks the online engagement power of Salsa Engage for marketing automation, online and peer to peer fundraising, and online advocacy.
Donor Management Software - Salsa over CiviCRM
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