Salsa Labs v. Fundly CRM

Fundraising Software Comparison

Salsa provides deeper & broader functionality to drive successful fundraising

Fundly is an online platform that you can use to raise money to support your specific campaigns. Fundly charges you $0.30 plus 7.8% of every donation. With Salsa, you can create an unlimited number of branded online fundraising campaigns to support one-time, recurring, honor & memorial donations.

Salsa’s payment processing fees are 2.89% plus $0.20/transaction. And, you can also use Salsa for email marketing, social advertising, event registrations, peer to
peer campaigns and so much more.

Open Door Ministries Chose Salsa

Megan Etter

Development Coordinator,
Open Door Ministries

"Fundly didn't offer everything we needed."

"We chose Salsa because it was a comprehensive platform that allowed us to host an event with registrations, the ability to create teams, and for those teams to raise money. We also liked the email platform and its ability to email to specific groups and not others. Fundly didn't offer everything we needed in this area."

Why Nonprofits Choose Salsa Labs Over Fundly CRM?

  • Fundly CRM is focused on helping small nonprofits. Like most basic CRM solutions, you'll eventually need to upgrade to a tool like Salsa when your nonprofit outgrows the functionality of Fundly CRM.
  • Salsa was recognized as a G2 Crowd High Performer for the Winter quarter of 2019 and was awarded the "User's Love Us" badge in 2019 as well!
  • Salsa combines award-winning donor management with marketing automation, online, peer to peer and event fundraising, and online advocacy together in one suite.
Donor Management Software - Salsa over Fundly CRM


If you've outgrown Fundly CRM and need a system to truly scale your nonprofit fundraising and communications, Salsa is your best bet!

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