Salsa Labs v. Luminate

Fundraising Software Comparison

American Birds Chose Salsa over Luminate

Dariusz Zdziebkowski

Director of IT,
American Birds Conservancy

"Luminate system designed for developers, not user friendly."

"The most important reason we dropped Luminate was cost. It was super, super expensive for us and for nonprofits, I don't know how that is supposed to work. Also, the Luminate system wasn't designed to be user-friendly, but more for developers to work with. Salsa Engage templates are extremely simple to use."



Why Nonprofits Choose Salsa Labs Over Luminate?

  • Tired of struggling with the Luminate and Raiser's Edge integration? Salsa can help you seamlessly integrate all your online and offline fundraising, advocacy, and communications in one place.
  • Salsa Engage offers industry leading multi-channel advocacy including click to call, social advocacy, and local/state/federal targeted messaging.
  • Salsa Engage makes it easy to build and design custom forms and emails without any coding knowledge and offers detailed dashboard reporting.
Online Fundraising Software - Salsa Over Luminate
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If you're looking for an easy-to-use platform for targeting segmenting, and communicating with your supporters online, Salsa is your best bet!

Sara Chose Salsa over Luminate

Sara Horwath

Marketing Manager,
Second Harvest Heartland

"Chose Salsa Labs over Luminate because of user experience."

"We felt that Salsa Labs accomplished our main goal: Giving our users the easiest solution possible to reach out to their elected officials and let them know how important solving the issue of hunger in Minnesota is to them. We chose Salsa Labs over Luminate Online because of user experience and also the simple to use backend."


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