Salsa Labs v. Network for Good

Fundraising Software Comparison

Adam chose Salsa Labs over Network for Good

Adam Lindquist

Waterfront Partnership Baltimore

"NFG served us well at a certain stage of our organization."

"We left Network for Good because we purchased a CRM database that duplicated the services we got from NFG. It served us well at a certain (early) stage of our development as an organization, but now that we have Salsa CRM all our fundraising goes through that."


Why Nonprofits Choose Salsa Labs Over Network for Good?

  • Network for Good is a great place for very small, newly formed nonprofits. If you're looking for more than the basics, look to Salsa for marketing automation, fundraising, advocacy, events and more.
  • Network for Good typically holds donation money for 30 days before depositing it into nonprofit user accounts on a monthly basis. With Salsa, your donations process and deposit into your account within one day.
  • After your donors contribute to your cause, Network for Good autoresponders say, "Thanks for your donation to Network for Good in care of (your organization name). Autoresponders from Salsa come directly from your organization and you can chose the name of the email sender.
Donor Management Software - Salsa over Network For Good
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