Salsa Engage vs. Phone2Action

Salsa is a more comprehensive alternative to Phone2Action.
Here’s why you should consider switching.

1) Intuitive

Salsa’s toolkit is purpose-built for your movement. Built-in visual dashboard reports, industry best practice content layouts, and mobile-ready targeted actions are just a few examples of how intuitive the Salsa system is for nonprofits, even for non-technical users.

We know the importance of mobile and social outreach too, and that's why our targeted actions include Facebook posts and Tweet a rep!

Drag-and-drop functionality for all forms, emails, and event pages make it incredibly quick and easy to create beautiful content that will inspire your supporters to act.

We know your time is valuable, and like most nonprofits, you and your team are probably overworked and struggle with finding enough resources to reach your goals. To help, we built marketing automation tools into Salsa Engage so that you can streamline communicate with constituents, welcome new subscribers, and never miss a follow up or opportunity to thank a supporter.

2) Fully-Integrated Salsa CRM and Salsa Engage

If you’re looking for more than just online marketing, fundraising, and advocacy and need a scalable solution that offers robust donor management, Salsa CRM gives you all the tools you need for successful donor tracking, reporting and direct mail fundraising. That means you’ll organize, engage, cultivate, and fundraise all in one place, with one login, one support team, and one knowledgebase.

Executing online campaigns with different vendors makes sharing data and reporting difficult. By tracking all your constituents in the same database of record, you’ll be able to target with the right message, at the right time, online or offline.

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With Salsa I’m able to make sure that every supporter in my network gets an email and knows immediately who their senators are, how to call them, and the right message to say and when.

Sarah Hackney

3) Client Success

Nonprofits using Salsa launched 20,000 initiatives in 2016 leading to over 25m supporter actions, and our clients are far outpacing the industry in donor retention at 74% (43% industry average).

From the day your nonprofit signs up, our client success team is committed to making you successful, fueling your growth, and helping you deliver on your mission.

Immediately after signing up, you’re enrolled into Salsa's client success program for you and your organization.

With Salsa's client success program, you have access to:

  • Seamless kickoff, onboarding, and implementation so that your new database is optimized for supporter engagement.
  • 60-day Smart Start Fundraising course to build your first giving form, email, welcome series, and e-newsletter in Salsa Engage.
  • Rich knowledge center with answers to common questions and guides for navigating Salsa CRM and Salsa Engage.
  • eLearning platform with ongoing training courses, Salsa certifications, and additional classes will help you grow professionally.
  • User communities for sharing ideas, best practices, and networking with other Salsa users near you.
  • Award-winning support, Monday - Friday from 8AM - 8PM.

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