Salsa CRM vs. Salesforce Foundation

Salsa CRM is a more user-friendly Salesforce Foundation alternative.
Here’s why you should consider switching.

1) Built for Nonprofits

Salsa’s toolkit is purpose-built for nonprofits. While systems like Salesforce were built for for-profit sales teams, Salsa built every feature with nonprofit use cases in mind. The in-app terminology, built-in reports, and industry best practice content layouts are just a few examples of how intuitive the Salsa system is for nonprofits, even for non-technical users.

Salesforce CRM does offer a "free" license to nonprofit organizations, but you need to be careful. We like to say, Salesforce for nonprofits is "free", as in free puppies. The care and feeding of Salesforce CRM can be overwhelming for a nonprofit.

Salesforce software requires expert consultants to configure it for your organization and then to provide ongoing support. That's an expensive proposition.


2) Fully-Integrated Salsa CRM and Salsa Engage

With Salsa, your organization get’s a single sign-on integration between Salsa CRM and Salsa Engage, giving you all the tools you need for successful online and offline fundraising. No need to purchase or integrate other third party apps to work with your database.

Our toolkit includes Salsa Engage for online marketing automation, fundraising, advocacy, event registration, and peer to peer fundraising and seamlessly integrates all of that online activity with Salsa CRM. Salsa CRM is a top-ranked solution for donor management, event planning, direct mail fundraising, payment processing, and robust reporting.

Now, nonprofits can easily scale as their needs grow WITHOUT having to pay fees for consultants or a dedicated team of tech-savvy experts to integrate a host of disparate systems.

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We are better able to run queries and reports to get the desired results instead of fighting with the CRM's reporting mechanism like we had to do before we used Salsa CRM.  Don't just consider your immediate needs but consider what your CRM needs will be in 5-10 years from now. Make sure your CRM can grow with you.

Dave Tinker

3) Easy to Use

98% of nonprofits are small to mid-size organizations, who can’t afford to manage complicated platforms that require a dedicated team of tech-savvy experts to manage the system and to integrate the other functionality you'll need such as email marketing, social publishing, onling giving forms, and payment processing.

Your time is precious, and you’re competing for attention and dollars against larger nonprofits with sophisticated marketing techniques. You need the best tools and the ability to execute campaigns quickly.

Salsa ‘s easy to use interface offers built-in automation, reporting, drag and drop form builders and industry best practice content layouts. These are just a few examples of how intuitive the Salsa system is for nonprofits, even for non-technical users.

 4) Client Success Hub

Nonprofits using Salsa are leading the industry in fundraising growth and donor retention. Our clients are averaging 28% growth in donations (4% industry average) and 74% donor retention rates (43% industry average).

From the day your nonprofit signs up, our client success team is committed to making you successful, fueling your growth, and helping you deliver on your mission.

Immediately after signing up, you’re enrolled into Thrive, Salsa's client success hub for you and your organization.

With Thrive, you have access to:

  • Scholars: Robust eLearning platform with self-paced product training and certifications to help you master Salsa Engage and Salsa CRM and grow professionally.
  • Smart Start: This 6-week adoption program helps new users integrate online engagement and fundraising best practices with the functionality of Salsa Engage.
  • Support Center: Our knowledgebase and help desk have all the answers you need to successfully use Salsa Engage and Salsa CRM. Our award-winning support team is available, Monday - Friday, 8AM - 8PM ET.
  • Stars: Get rewarded with donations for introducing Salsa to new nonprofit organizations.
  • Societies: Collaborate and network with Salsa user groups in your city.
  • Scoop: Stay current with the latest product announcements through our Salsa Scoop newsletter.

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