Salsa Labs v. Salesforce

Nonprofit CRM Software Comparison

Jennifer chose Salsa over Salesforces

Jennifer Webb

Board President,
Sequoia High School Education Foundation

"Salesforce does not offer one-stop shop for CRM and engagement."

"We chose Salsa because we were looking for a system that provided ongoing training and customer support, which Salesforce did not. Additionally, we were looking for a one-stop shop of CRM, engagement and merchant services that Salesforce does not offer."


Why Nonprofits Choose Salsa Labs Over Salesforce?

  • While Salesforce was originally built to fit for-profit sales teams, Salsa built every feature with nonprofit use cases in mind. From in-app terminology to built-in reports to content layouts, the Salsa system is for nonprofits.
  • Salsa includes phone and email support with every package. Salesforce may be free, but requires very costly setup, consulting services, and ongoing support to properly manage.
  • If you're sticking with Salesforce, Salsa Engage is the first nonprofit online engagement platform integrated with Salesforce.
Nonprofit CRM Software - Salsa over Salesforce
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If you're looking for one fully supported platform for online and offline fundraising and communications, Salsa is your best bet!

Jenn chose Salsa over Salesforce

Jenn Hansen

Abundance NC

"We needed access to unlimited support."

"Salesforce just did not have customization enough for our needs. We wanted something more manageable, that fit us more comfortably, and would allow us to grow our donor base with ease. We needed something that would be intuitive for all staff, and had access to unlimited support. We are genuinely excited to be on Salsa! Y'all have been 100% awesome!"

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