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End-of-Year Fundraising: Campaigns that Work

Watch: End-of-Year Campaigns That Work

Planning for end-of-year fundraising can be stressful. How do you put together just the right mix of emails, landing pages, social media outreach, and other tactics to raise a significant chunk of money from your supporters? There are a ton of strategies out there. Which will work for your organization?

We’ve got some ideas for you. This archived webinar will discuss end-of-year fundraising campaigns and strategies, including:

  • Why matching emails to landing pages is key
  • Utilizing multiple channels for the ask (email, social media, your website, etc…)
  • How #GivingTuesday can boost your end-of-year campaign
  • Real-life examples of successful end-of-year fundraising campaigns!

Watch this short clip from the presentation about what you need to be doing right now to prepare for a successful year-end fundraising campaign. Then, get the full webinar by filling out the form below: