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Getting Started on Twitter for Nonprofits Video

Watch: Getting Started with Twitter for Nonprofits

Twitter is one of the most widely used communications vehicles in today’s world. And it’s free (for the most part). Those two reasons alone make it a major asset to nonprofits. But is Twitter even right for your organization? If it is, where do you start?

Watch this archived webinar put on by Media Cause and Salsa and we’ll talk about:

  • how to figure out if Twitter is the right social media site for your organization
  • the mechanics of setting up an account and the resources needed
  • building a twitter culture for your organization

Then, we’ll get into the nitty gritty details and answer these questions:

  • I’m supposed to get my message across in 140 characters?!
  • Can I use pictures and graphics on Twitter?
  • How do I get people to follow me?
  • What is proper Twitter etiquette? (how to thank people, the re-tweet, abbreviations, RT, MT)