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A Clean List is a Happy List

Watch: A Clean List is a Happy List

A clean list is a must if you want to get your emails delivered to supporters’ inboxes. Email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo! Mail strive to determine what their clients actually want to receive in their inbox. If you’re sending lots of emails that are not being opened, your inbox placement rate may suffer… and you don’t want that as you’re trying to collect donations and get supporters to take action.

Watch this archived webinar to learn how to practice good list hygiene and improve the overall health of your supporter list.

The recording covers:

  • Why list hygiene is important.
  • The definitions of spam traps and bounce rates.
  • How to define and identify engaged supporters versus disengaged (or inactive) supporters.
  • Ideas for conducting a re-engagement campaign.
  • Tips and tricks for improving inbox placement rates.