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The Ultimate Guide to Matching Gifts

Receiving a matching gift is like getting a free upgrade to first class on a flight to Hawaii. Questioning my sanity? Stay with me.

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12 Companies with Top-Tier Employee Matching Gift Programs

If you’re new to matching gifts, investigating companies with programs is like opening a door to a whole new universe. 

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Double the Donation Integration Guide

If you're currently using Salsa for your donor management and fundraising software, you'd be wise to include matching gifts in your development strategy going forward.

Topics: Strategy

Four Ways to Promote Matching Gifts in Thirty Minutes or Less

You’ve got a million things to do, but you’re starving, so you grab a quick bite from the local sandwich shop. Promoting matching gifts is a lot like that efficient food option... The advertising doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but it can leave you feeling very satisfied when your donations are doubled through corporate matching gift programs. 

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5 Most Common Matching Gifts Questions From Beginners

The process of acquiring a new donor can be tiresome and extensive, but it is worth it for the funding. What if, after the long and arduous process of getting a donation, your development staff could double that donation with 30 minutes or less time spent working? Wouldn’t you encourage them to do so?

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