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The Ultimate Guide to Matching Gifts

Receiving a matching gift is like getting a free upgrade to first class on a flight to Hawaii. Questioning my sanity? Stay with me.

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12 Companies with Top-Tier Employee Matching Gift Programs

If you’re new to matching gifts, investigating companies with programs is like opening a door to a whole new universe. 

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Double the Donation Integration Guide

The Salsa and Double The Donation integration allows nonprofit organizations using Salsa Engage to plug-in the Double the Donation Matching Gifts Tool on any donation page or donation confirmation page.

Launch your matching gifts strategy and start multiplying contributions. Implement this plug-in on all your donation pages so that donors can find their employer's matching gift information with one-click. It's free money and no extra work for you!

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Four Ways to Promote Matching Gifts in Thirty Minutes or Less

You’ve got a million things to do, but you’re starving, so you grab a quick bite from the local sandwich shop. Promoting matching gifts is a lot like that efficient food option... The advertising doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but it can leave you feeling very satisfied when your donations are doubled through corporate matching gift programs. 

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5 Most Common Matching Gifts Questions From Beginners

The process of acquiring a new donor can be tiresome and extensive, but it is worth it for the funding. What if, after the long and arduous process of getting a donation, your development staff could double that donation with 30 minutes or less time spent working? Wouldn’t you encourage them to do so?

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