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2016 #GivingTuesday Statistics

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Client Roundup: #GivingTuesday

With one week until #GivingTuesday, we reached out to our clients to share their past experiences with the global day of giving and how they are preparing for success on November 29th. 

Here is a roundup of their insights, ideas, and advice. 

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#SalsaSpotlight: The Environmental Working Group


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20 Key Performance Indicators Nonprofit Management Needs to Track

When it comes to determining how efficiently your nonprofit operates, there’s nothing quite as helpful as a large pool of accurate, relevant performance indicators that can objectively show you exactly how well you’re doing.

Topics: Strategy

22 Strategies to Take Your Fundraising To The Next Level

If you're a nonprofit, chances are, you're constantly looking for ways to better your fundraising strategies to raise more money for your cause.

Look no further. We're here to help with the 22 strategies that will take your fundraising to the next level.

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#SalsaSpotlight: ACHIEVA


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#SalsaSeries: Our First Online Engagement Playbook is Here!

With the explosion of digital technology and social media platforms, it seems like there is a new way to connect with prospects and supporters three times a week. Google “online engagement tips for nonprofits” and you’ll find a handful of general articles but you will be hard-pressed to find tips that are directly relevant to your cause or mission. Instead, the search results reflect content that has a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

Topics: Supporter Management Strategy

#SalsaSpotlight: The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

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18 Nonprofits And The Election Issues That Will Affect Them The Most

All across America, nonprofit charities, agencies, foundations, and legislative advocacy organizations are gearing up for Election Day on November 8th. While the Presidential race has gotten the lions' share of national press coverage, the future and the funding for so many nonprofits will be impacted by Congress, state legislatures, and local politics, more than any future administration's actions will affect them. The bottom line is...every race matters, at every level!

Over the last few weeks, we've been discussing with Salsa customers what issues they are concerned about as they look forward to 2017 and beyond. Below are the responses of 18 nonprofits who felt like their organization will feel be impacted by the outcome of the election:

Topics: Advocacy

#SalsaSpotlight: The Beaver County Humane Society

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Why Nonprofit Mobile Marketing is Worth It

Not sure if nonprofit mobile marketing works? What if I told you that Forbes reported that 1 in 10 Americans have texted a charitable contribution from their phone?  And a study published by M+R Benchmarks found that for every 1,000 email subscribers, nonprofits had 285 Facebook fans, 112 Twitter Followers and 13 mobile subscribers.

Topics: Marketing

The Art of Crafting a Stellar Nonprofit Communications Strategy

Brochures, web copy, blog articles, Tweets, Facebook posts – the many forms of communication that communication professionals must master is wide. And, if they were people, they’d all be Sally from “When Harry Met Sally” – i.e. high maintenance, wanting their ice cream on the side and pie warmed but no whip cream, unless you can’t get the pie warm, then…

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