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How to Create Nonprofit Website Volunteer and Take Action Pages

This is the third post in a series of articles on the topic of digital marketing for nonprofits and creating the perfect nonprofit website. In the first two articles, we discussed creating your about page or mission page, and in the second article we discussed creating program and impact pages.

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How to Create a Nonprofit Website Impact Page or Program Page

This is the second post in a series of articles on the topic of digital marketing for nonprofits and creating the perfect nonprofit website. In the first article, we discussed creating mission pages, which are like bio pages for your nonprofit.

Topics: Nonprofit Digital Marketing

How to Create a Nonprofit Website About Page or Mission Page

Discussions on digital marketing for nonprofits usually focus on social media, increasing follower counts, and sending automated emails. However, a well-optimized nonprofit website is a necessity if you want to be found quickly when people search for your organization, take donations online, and grow your base of volunteers and supporters.

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How to Write a Nonprofit Fundraising Call to Action

Donors don’t open their wallets and make contributions to your organization simply because of the good work you do. And with the ever-increasing competition for the attention of potential supporters, it’s more important than ever that you create an effective nonprofit fundraising call to action.

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3 Ways A Nonprofit CRM Can Improve Your Direct Mail Appeals

There is a little known secret behind the world of direct mail marketing. That is the use of a CRM or constituent relationship management system to maximize your campaign and get the most out of your donors. 

Communication at Every Level on the Nonprofit Ladder of Engagement

This is the second in a pair of articles on the nonprofit ladder of engagement. The first article focused on defining the nonprofit ladder of engagement and showed you how to research and create one for your organization.

This article focuses more on digital marketing for nonprofits, how we use our audience personas to develop content that motivates our supporters, and how we can measure that engagement to make sure our limited resources get spent in the right places.

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The Nonprofit Ladder of Engagement

Fifteen years ago, a nonprofit could survive without a website by doing a direct mail piece once or twice a year or just relying on walk-in traffic and a few in-person events. You’ve probably already come to the realization that those days are over and the world is relying more heavily (and sometimes completely) on virtual outreach. As such, we’re all competing for what seems to be a more limited pool of attention. Today, you need to keep your audience engaged or risk losing them to another cause. The nonprofit ladder of engagement is the tool you need to find those supporters and keep them coming back for more.

This is the first of two articles focused on the nonprofit ladder of engagement, what it is, and how your nonprofit can use it to find supporters and turn them into dedicated advocates for your organization.

4 Reasons To Track Volunteer Data (And How To Do It)

Your volunteer base is filled with passionate individuals who put in hard work and time to help drive your mission forward. Every hour they put in and each day they spend supporting your organization takes you one step closer to your ultimate goal. But how are you tracking that time?

Advocacy Campaigns That Convert - High 5 for Kids

Advocacy campaigns are a great way to bring attention to a cause or effect change around a specific issue. In this article, we’ll look at a successful advocacy campaign from Save the Children Action Network and discuss why they’ve been so successful with their calls-to-action.

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Virtual Fundraising Best Practices And 10 Fundraising Ideas

Virtual fundraising is any fundraising that takes place entirely online, including donations made on your website or through social media channels.

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A Recipe for Increasing your Nonprofit’s Engagement on Social Media

Social media networks are used by 72% of the U.S adult population. A back of the napkin calculation tells us that’s about 150 million people. At first glance, you’d think that just by posting on a few social networks your nonprofit could reach more people than any other marketing method and your entire year’s worth of fundraising could be generated in one day. But we all know it’s just not that simple. It’s the reason that one of the questions we get asked most often by nonprofits is how can they increase engagement with the content they post on social media networks.