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All-in-One Online Engagement and Fundraising Software for Nonprofits

Learn more about how Salsa can help your organization
  • Raise more funds.
  • Affect policy.
  • Grow your lists.
  • Engage your supporters.

Using Salsa's all-in-one platform, unite your data with your supporters' online activity to personalize and strengthen communications. We offer two products: Solis for small, resource-limited nonprofits, and Cosm, for larger or more experienced nonprofits.

Solis Fundraising Software for Nonprofits

Solis Features:

  • Online Donations
  • Email and Social Communications
  • Simple Online CRM/Supporter Management
  • Up to 5,000 Supporter Records

Pricing Starts at $59/month

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COSM Fundraising Software For Nonprofits

Everything from Solis, PLUS:

  • Storefronts, Events, and Chapter Management
  • Targeted Advocacy
  • Fully Customizable Page Design
  • Robust Data Features Including Customizable Reports
  • Unlimited Supporter Records
  • Open API

Custom priced to fit your needs

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More than 3,000 nonprofits nationwide use Salsa to ignite action and fuel change.

  • Fundraising Software For Nonprofits
  • Fundraising Software For Nonprofits
  • Fundraising Software For Nonprofits
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  • Online Donations, Email and Social Communications

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    Online Donations, Email and Social Communications, plus Advocacy

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    Build Branded Online Donation Pages
    Manage Supporter/Contact Information
    Organize Emails, Activity, and Contacts All in One Place
    Add Unlimited Account Managers
    Process Funds with No Added Fees
    Conduct Social Outreach
    Target Legislators and Decision Makers with Advocacy Pages
    Organize and Manage Events
    Coordinate Chapters/Affiliates
    Fully Customize Layouts and Design of Online Content
    Monitor Performance with Customizable Reports
    Open API
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  • Online Fundraising

    Using Salsa, you can collect funds online (with no added fees from us), send automated receipts, and measure results. Use our built-in communication tools to follow up and forge lasting relationships with your donors.

    Collect online donations with pages created through help from Solis’ guided set-up.

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    Enhance your fundraising efforts with fully customizable donation pages. Additional fundraising options with Cosm include storefronts, event fee pages, and peer-to-peer campaigns.

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    Email Outreach

    Send unlimited email messages, test your content (A/B testing), then monitor click and open statistics to see what best resonates with your supporters.

    Connect with your supporters using built-in email layouts and list segmentation features.

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    Build your own email design or use Cosm’s template generator to create an optimized and personalized template. Supporter scoring, fully customizable list segmentation, and personal data are just some of the options Cosm offers to individualize your messages for increased supporter engagement.

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    Online Advocacy

    Unite your supporters to affect policy change with Salsa’s advocacy features.  Welcome petition comments, encourage message sharing, display results to decision-makers and let your collective voice be heard.

    Create standard petition pages with signature display and sharing features.

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    Elevate supporter engagement with petition pages, advocacy actions, and letter-to-the-editor pages. Automatic targeting based on zip codes makes it easy for your supporters to message federal, state, and local legislators, media contacts, or add your own custom contacts.

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    Online CRM

    Online organizing is not just about email and donations, it’s about connecting with your supporters. With Salsa, track donations, actions, and email responses to effectively build long-term relationships with your fans.

    Organize your supporters with built-in segmentation and custom field options.

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    Design how you collect, examine, and act on your supporter data. Build your own advanced scoring metrics to define your most dedicated supporters, or use features like Smart Groups to segment by interest and activity.

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    Reports & Analytics

    Salsa’s reports help you not just see your progress but also how to analyze your results. Achieve your mission by monitoring performance and discovering effective ways to improve your messaging and content.

    Monitor your top performing pages, fundraising, and list growth with Solis’ metrics dashboard.

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    Create your own reports with your preferred fields and metrics. Reports can be scheduled for regular export, making it easy for you to present up-to-the-minute results to your team.

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    Event Management

    Available with Cosm only. Provide supporters another way to connect with you through events (rallies, meet-ups, book signings). Manage registration and check-ins, payment processing (including discount codes), waitlists, pre-event emails and social media promotions through a single platform.Learn More

    Chapter Management

    Available with Cosm only. Our chapters features enable consistent organizational branding and messaging. Seamlessly collaborate across your entire network by providing varying levels of access to your organization’s chapters and affiliates.Learn More