Custom Dynamic Groups in Salsa Engage [Video]

Dan Quirk
May 19, 2017

Power and flexibility is right at your fingertips. With Salsa Engage, you can build segments through simple rules and configurations, or you can create combinations of queries and groups within groups. Segment audiences by demographics, past interactions, geographic location, interests, professional network, or other custom fields. Then watch your lists or groups dynamically update in based on supporter activity.

Let's look at the custom dynamic groups that you can build with Engage:


Video Transcription


Every organization has unique targeting strategies, so Salsa gives you the ability to create custom groups.

You can create custom groups that you manually import contacts into, or you can build dynamic groups that get populated automatically based on rules or queries that you choose.

Let’s create a dynamic group. I want to see all of my monthly recurring donors who also live in North Hollywood to invite them to volunteer at our upcoming event!

It looks like we have 1,626 supporters who meet my criteria. Any new monthly donors in North Hollywood will automatically be added to this group.

You create segments or groups of supporters based on any contact field including custom fields

Or based on their activity with your organization including gift sizes, actions taken, or any other data point.

Now it’s time to combine these highly targeted lists with highly relevant, personalized messages that inspire action!


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