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6 Nonprofit Strategies for More Effective Member Management

Use these top tips to improve your member management strategies!

New Call-to-actionManaging your nonprofit’s members isn’t a task for the faint of heart. There’s a lot to remember when dealing with the individuals who loyally support your nonprofit.

You’ll want to streamline your members’ data, perfect your strategy, and keep your outreach personalized and unique, for starters.

As previously mentioned, it can be a bit overwhelming! But don’t stress too hard because we’ve crafted 6 stellar strategies to help your nonprofit with organized member management. Check them out:

  1. Select the right member management software.
  2. Track your members and their engagement with your nonprofit.
  3. Personalize and segment your communications for member management.
  4. Leverage your data with reports that focus on managing members.
  5. Clean out your donor database.
  6. Always thank your nonprofit’s members.

If you’re ready to learn the 6 top strategies to help you implement more effective member management for your nonprofit, then let’s dive in!

Ensure success in member management through the right membership management software.

1. Select the right member management software.

Your organization will want to do plenty of research before investing in a member management solution.

First, you’ll determine your membership program's needs and wants. Think about features your nonprofit can’t live without and create three separate lists: one with features you must have, one with features that would be nice to have, and another with features you simply don’t need.

Here’s a list of some popular features to get your gears turning:

  • Extensive donor profiles
  • Donation tracking
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Member cultivation
  • Triggered due reminders
  • Event messaging
  • User-based security

Be sure to take your budget into consideration and don’t forget to look for a scalable solution. Your organization will more than likely want something that will grow as you do!

Bonus! Check out Double the Donation’s Top Donor Management Solutions to look for a great provider.

The bottom line: Your organization will want to take time to determine what you really need in member management software and set aside an accurate budget. Remember not to rush into any investments and to do your research!

Stay on course with your membership management by tracking your members.

2. Track your members and their engagement with your nonprofit.

Your nonprofit’s members are like an arm of your organization and you should know each of them thoroughly. You’ll want to track their information and their level of engagement with your organization.

Now that you’ve selected the right member management software for your organization, you can track all of your member interactions, forming a full picture of each member and pointing out where your organization needs to step up.

Be sure to track the following information with your software:

  • Contact information
  • Philanthropic interests
  • Event attendance
  • Previous volunteer experience
  • Favorite channels of communication

You’ll want to know their interests as well as their interactions with your nonprofit so you can focus on presenting them with the opportunities that will appeal to them most. This way, you’re opening yourself up to the most success.

Recording their interactions with your organization will help you know when to pace your outreach as well. If your member just volunteered at your fundraising event last weekend, they might not be up for another one so soon! With that being said, let’s move to the next section.

The bottom line: Recording your members’ crucial information and tracking their engagement with your nonprofit will help you strengthen your membership program because the better you know your members, the more you can tailor your methods to them.

Get personal with your communications to ease membership management.

3. Personalize and segment your communications for member management.

If you’re using a cookie cutter template for every member, your relationship will remain stagnant, if it remains at all.

Because you want to form genuine and individualized relationships with each and every donor, you’ll want to segment your communications!

You’ll have already collected your members’ favorite methods of communication and entered that data into your software, so you can easily break up your donor list by preferred communication channels as well as interests!

Consider the following methods of communication when you segment your lists:

  • Phone
  • Direct mail
  • Email
  • Social media

The end goal is to make sure your members feel like your outreach is tailored just for them, so be sure to always address your messages. You can even mention previous campaigns they’ve donated to or volunteered for.

Be sure that your outreach feels personalized so each of your members’ feels valued and appreciated.

The bottom line: Segmenting your communication and outreach strategies will result in more personalized messages, making your members feel more valued and appreciated than a templated message.

Follow up your membership management efforts with intuitive reports.

4. Leverage your data with reports that focus on managing members.

Use your software to create different customized reports so you can see the data that reflects where your organization is excelling and where you’re falling short.

Your software can help organize reports on the following data:

  • Project goals
  • Social media interactions
  • Giving trends
  • Event registrations
  • Online donations
  • Email data

These reports will help you determine which events, campaigns, and projects are most popular with your nonprofit’s members, which you can then leverage to better cater your fundraising strategy to your audience.

The bottom line: Your reports will help your organization visualize the success of your member engagement so you can alter your member management methods as needed.

Set your membership management process up for success with clean donor data.

5. Clean out your donor database.

Just like a well-oiled machine, your donor database will need routine cleaning to function properly!

Schedule some time, at least once a year, to clean out your donor database. You’ll want to clean sections at a time so portions of your data are always available for your nonprofit staff’s use.

Sifting through your members’ data will help you eliminate any duplicate records or inaccurate data and help strengthen your cultivation strategy.

If, for example, your member has recently moved, but you have their old address stored in your system, you could be sending updates and notifications to their old home! They’ll be missing out on this communication with your nonprofit and you’ll be losing out, weakening your relationship with this very important member.

The bottom line: Cleaning out your donor database will help your nonprofit implement more effective member management because you’ll have the most accurate and up-to-date data.

Membership management isn't complete without thanks!

6. Always thank your nonprofit’s members.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again! Your nonprofit’s members are incredibly critical and sensitive relationships for your organization. Without them, you’ll lose advocates for your cause and a steady flow of funds.

You’ll want to make your members feel as important as they are so be sure to thank them! No matter what level of membership they have with your organization, they all deserve a thank-you message.

Thanking your members will make them feel appreciated and encourage a positive reputation for your organization which can lead to donations further down the road.

Your member management software’s tracking features can help you determine the most appropriate times and ways in which you can thank your members for all they do.

The bottom line: Remember to capitalize on your software’s tracking capabilities and use your data to help better your member management strategy.

Now that you have our best 6 strategies for more effective member management, your organization will have strong, reliable member relationships! All that’s left to do is find the right software and get started.

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