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[Guest Post] How Non-Profits are Using SMS Campaigns to Gain Donations in 2016

A fresh point of view is always welcome here at Salsa. With that in mind, we like to include posts by guest contributors to talk about donor management and many other topics in the nonprofit sector. Today’s guest post about SMS campaigns is by Sophorn Chhay of Trumpia.

How Non-Profits are Using SMS Campaigns to Gain Donations in 2016 sms-donation-campaign.jpg

Mobile fundraising is possible, and 2016 delivers a slew of avenues for nonprofits seeking expansion. Within the past four years, both online and mobile-based fundraising has proven to be an effective maneuver. Presidential elections, a prime example, have revealed several ways to enhance funds garnered from outreach programs. If you’re expanding your fundraising options—or, if you’re looking for more efficient fundraiser options, check out the following SMS marketing tactics guaranteed to boost donations.

Tactic One: Streamline the Donation Access Point

Mobile-based websites need to be simple, and they need to maintain easily accessible links. Your mobile fundraising program should create a clear, concise ‘donate now’ section for visitors. The first step to raising funds through mobile marketing is establishing a home front, and drawing users to a main page’s donation link should be a priority. Your SMS campaign should effectively draw users to the access point, wherein fluid directions exist.

Tactic Two: Use Twitter Live Feeds

Twitter live feeds are notoriously viewed on mobile platforms. Your SMS campaign, when effectively set up, should link to your social media platform. Offering one-time-only deals works well, and drawing users to your Twitter page works better. The Pew Research Center conducted a project for Journalism Excellence, finding that 39 percent of Twitter users stated the platform’s procured information couldn’t have been news obtained from anywhere else.

Twitter is a powerful force for enhancing viewership and donation numbers. Your brand’s ‘Twitter personality’ should reflect its best qualities, and your SMS campaign should lead users to Twitter without too much intrusion. Already, hashtag campaigns are utilized to spare consumers time, money and travel. Tweet links to your charity’s landing page, helping consumers make a difference through promoting and donating.

Tactic Three: Link to YouTube Generated Content

When possible, stream your SMS base into a YouTube platform. Charities thrive upon YouTube’s structure. In fact, the nonprofit Dove was one of YouTube’s most successful brands of all time. Link SMS-based consumers to your brand’s YouTube channel when possible, offering ‘text exclusive’ videos, informational posts and invaluable content.

Tactic Four: Connect First

Before asking for donations, develop a relationship between your nonprofit and its users. The Tennyson Center for Children, an at-risk teen helper in Denver, increased its annual budget by 8.7 percent following a Valentine’s Day message, “Happy Valentine’s Day! Our Hearts are with you and you have all of our Hearts.”

SMS messaging is incredibly personal, and it impacts subscribers at a unique angle. Nonprofits already have the potential to engage users closely, offering information based upon the close relationships associated with charity. Sending best wishes, catch-up notes and update messages works well, making SMS one of the best nonprofit promotional platforms.

Tactic Five: Channel SMS-Based Followers into Events

You needn’t increase donations directly from mobile texts. Mobile campaigns provide much more than fundraising options. They’re fantastic sources for volunteer gathering. Inform your users about rallies, support events and other opportunities. Incorporate as much information as possible, informing each user of the likely inclusions, benefits and possibilities. Donations can come later—and they likely will, too. Gain the loyal followers your brand needs, and enrich their lives with physical events.

Tactic Six: Engage a Direct Mail Campaign

SMS-driven marketing campaigns work well alongside direct mail campaigns. Before considering your fundraising options, utilize each platform to garner email connectivity. Mobile users are highly inclined to browse their email via mobile, and channeling SMS-based users into a direct mail campaign is a great way to raise donations.

Tactic Seven: Use a ‘Text-to-Commit’ Program

Text-to-commit programs create long-lasting relationships between mobile users and charities. Non-profit entities often use them to evolve existing viewer bases as a brand changes. Fundraising events tend to change over time, adapting to new scenarios based upon scale. Text-to-commit programs assure a fan base of the non-profit’s intentions, shifts and newest goals. If you haven’t yet, check out the newest text-to-commit strategies to ferment long-term relationships. Opt-in services are great for any brand's promotion, and personal notifications can draw average supporters in, creating loyal followers.


Sophorn Chhay

Sophorn is an inbound marketer specializing in attracting targeted visitors and generated sales qualified leads. Through Trumpia’s SMS and marketing automation solution he helps businesses and organizations communicate effectively with their customers or members. Trumpia is offering a free Mobile Marketing Success Kit so don’t forget to grab your free copy.

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