Top 11 Online Fundraising Tools Your Nonprofit Needs to Know

Mark Kelly
October 20, 2017

Discover the top online fundraising tools your nonprofit needs to know.

Fundraising is a crucial element in any nonprofit’s success. Without your fundraising and your donors, your organization has no financial backing and without financial support, how can you further your cause?

But fundraising doesn’t always guarantee enough funds to meet campaign goals and complete projects. We know raising money can be tough, but there are always online fundraising platforms to help manage and execute your campaigns smoothly so you can focus on raising money and steward donors!

These tools have proven essential to stepping up your fundraising game by easing the administrative burden fundraising can put on your organization, which is why we’ve made a list of our top 11 recommendations for online fundraising tools:

  1. Salsa Engage
  2. Salsa CRM
  3. Double the Donation
  4. Funds2Orgs
  5. DonorSearch
  6. DipJar
  7. DNL OmniMedia
  8. OneCause
  9. NextAfter
  10. Whole Whale
  11. 360MatchPro

If you’re ready to find the best online fundraising platform for your organization, let’s dive in!

Check out Salsa Engage's online fundraising tool that's best for donations.

1. Salsa Engage - Best for Online Donations

Online Fundraising Platform Overview

Salsa’s online fundraising tool, Salsa Engage, is the perfect option for managing donations with its multiple fundraising modules. From digital marketing to general online fundraising to online advocacy to peer-to-peer fundraising, Salsa has your back for everything.

Salsa Engage’s solutions help you target the right donors for successful fundraising and target them on the right channel. From email to social media to personal calls, Salsa helps you organize outreach and communications to make sure your fundraising campaign reaches your donors’ through their preferred methods.

Salsa even helps you convert prospects into loyal donors with professional and mobile-friendly conversion and donation forms. With Salsa Engage, there’s nothing your organization can’t do.

Online Fundraising Tool Features

Some of our most exclusive features are included in our peer-to-peer fundraising module, which gives your organization all the tools you could need and more:

  • Custom event pages
  • Individual and team fundraising pages
  • Built-in-fundraising coaching
  • Free mobile fundraiser app
  • Dashboard analytics

Take a look at SalsaEngage's features.

Our built-in fundraising coaching even helps you motivate your individual fundraisers to meet their goals so your campaign can meet yours! In the end, Salsa Engage focuses on making your job easier.

Why We Picked This Online Fundraising Tool

Salsa Engage is a dynamic option for managing donations. Plus, its highly versatile functionality helps ensure it will suit whatever online fundraising need you have.

Online Fundraising Platform Pricing

Contact Salsa for pricing on their Engage package.

Does This Online Fundraising Tool Integrate with Salsa?

Yes! Salsa Engage integrates seamlessly with our other product, Salsa CRM, which we’ll discuss next.

Check out Salsa Engage and what it can do for your organization.

Check out Salsa CRM's online fundraising tool that's best for donor data.

2. Salsa CRM - Best for Donor Data

Online Fundraising Platform Overview

Salsa’s other online fundraising tool, Salsa CRM, is the perfect match for Salsa Engage. If you have all of our other fundraising modules, the last thing you need to complete your fundraising strategy is software to store and manage donor data.

With Salsa CRM, you’ll be able to house all of your donors’ information in one central location for easy access. Plus, you’ll be streamlining all your data! With your Salsa fundraising tools all in one spot, you can save time transferring data and improve your staff’s efficiency.

This way, you can really personalize your donor outreach. Build dedicated, lifelong relationships by sending your donors relevant messages across their favorite platforms, based off the interests and details recorded in their constituent profiles.

Online Fundraising Tool Features

Salsa CRM is stocked with helpful and essential features to help you perfectly execute your fundraising strategies. Take a look:

  • Detailed donor profilesCheck out SalsaCRM's detailed donor profiles.
  • Direct mail fundraising
  • Donation tracking
  • Donor cultivation
  • DonorSearch integration
  • Double the Donation integration
  • Grant management
  • Member management
  • WealthEngine integration


Why We Picked This Online Fundraising Tool

One of the key benefits of online fundraising is that it allows you to easily keep track of all your donor data that is flowing into your system. However, that seamless tracking only works if you have a proper CRM set up and integrated with your fundraising pages.

When you do have that seamless set up, you end up with an easy and accurate transfer and tracking of donor data.

Online Fundraising Platform Pricing

Contact Salsa for pricing on their Salsa CRM package.

Does This Online Fundraising Tool Integrate with Salsa?

Yes! Salsa CRM integrates flawlessly with Salsa Engage to form the ultimate online fundraising platform.

Check out Salsa CRM's online fundraising tool.

Take a look at Double the Donation's online fundraising tool that's perfect for matching gifts.

3. Double the Donation - Best for Matching Gifts

Online Fundraising Platform Overview

Double the Donation’s online fundraising tool is a necessity for matching gifts. Double the Donation stresses the idea that staying in sight means staying in mind because they know that $6-10 billion of matched donations are left unclaimed every year!

Double the Donation prides themselves on helping your donors’ speedily access their matching gift programs to get the process started. They believe that promotion of matching gifts can boost the initial donation amount, too!

The more donors know about their matching gift programs and the more they realize how huge of an impact they can have by submitting paperwork, the more likely they are to do so!

Online Fundraising Tool Features

Double the Donation’s online fundraising platform provides an embeddable widget for nonprofits to use on their website pages and donation forms. It helps donors determine their eligibility status in just a few moments:

Check out Double the Donation's online fundraising tool.

Donors search their employer in Double the Donation’s widget, which is linked to their database.

Why We Picked This Online Fundraising Tool

With a tool like Double the Donation, you greatly increase your chances of securing matching gifts. One of the biggest barriers to a robust matching gift program is that many donors don't know about them.

Double the Donation's tool closes that knowledge gap.

For example, imagine you host a silent auction and fundraising evening and send out emailed receipts that thank donors for their participation as well as provide tax information. 

Well, you could also include matching gift information on that receipt and point donors to the Double the Donation tool, upping your odds of having donors double their gifts.

Online Fundraising Platform Pricing

Double the Donation offers two packages for nonprofits so you can find exactly what you need. Their smallest package, Basic, runs at $299 a year while their most popular plan, Premium, runs at $499 a year.

Does This Online Fundraising Tool Integrate with Salsa?

Yes! Double the Donation’s online fundraising tool integrates perfectly with Salsa for the most effective use of both solutions. You can embed Double the Donation's search tool directly on Salsa's online donation forms and pages.

Take a look at Double the Donation's online fundraising tool for matching gifts.

Check out Funds2Orgs online product fundraising tool.

4. Funds2Orgs - Best for Online Product Fundraising

Online Fundraising Platform Overview

Funds2Orgs’ online fundraising tool is the ultimate pairing for a shoe drive! The easiest way to manage a shoe drive by far is to partner with a helpful provider.

Funds2Orgs simply requires that you call them to let them know you’re starting a shoe drive and then call them again to come pick up your shoes! From there, they’ll take your shoes and ship them to micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries. This means you’re helping others while furthering your cause.

Plus, you get your check within two business days of the receipt from your shoes’ collection!

Online Fundraising Tool Features

Funds2Orgs offers no out-of-pocket costs and gives 4 easy steps for completing a shoe drive:

Recruit your volunteers. You’ll need individuals to help collect your shoes.
Collect your shoes. Funds2Orgs accepts gently used and new shoes.
Contact Funds2Orgs. They’ll arrange to come pick up your shoes.
Celebrate your check. Get paid for your hard work!

Why We Picked This Online Fundraising Tool

Funds2Orgs takes shoe drives to the next level, making it easy to organize one and raise money, while upcyling and helping others!

Online Fundraising Platform Pricing

Contact Funds2Orgs for a quote on their online fundraising platform.

Does This Online Fundraising Tool Integrate with Salsa?

No, unfortunately Funds2Orgs doesn’t integrate with Salsa’s solutions.

Check out Funds2Orgs and see how their online fundraising tool can help your organization.

See how DonorSearch's online fundraising tool for research can help your organization.

5. DonorSearch - Best for Online Fundraising Research

Online Fundraising Platform Overview

DonorSearch’s online fundraising tool is “must” and a “need” when it comes to prospect research.

DonorSearch’s integrated search give you results like no other, allowing you to read through thorough and comprehensive reports identifying prospects and outlining important wealth information.

Plus, these reports will highlight philanthropic information like income, real estate, philanthropic relationships, stock ownership, and more! All of these records will be easily-accessible through their ProspectView Online dashboard.

Online Fundraising Tool Features

DonorSearch’s online fundraising platform comes with plenty of robust features, like the following:

ProspectView Online. Research wealth information that shows a donor’s ability to give and philanthropic activity that shows their interest to give.
Gift Search. Look into where and when a donor is giving and filter donations by year, state, or amount.
My Portfolio. This screening and reporting tool helps you analyze and organize your data.

Why We Picked This Online Fundraising Tool

DonorSearch is a top-of-the-line prospect research tool that helps you get to know your donors better. And the better you know your donors, the better you'll be at fundraising. 

Imagine you just hosted a charity concert and many of the attendees were new supporters of your organization who mostly went to the show to see the bands. 

You could take your attendee list and perform a prospect screening, getting to know those new supporters and flagging anyone with major gift potential.

Online Fundraising Platform Pricing

Contact DonorSearch today for a quote on their online fundraising tool.

Does This Online Fundraising Tool Integrate with Salsa?

Yes! DonorSearch does integrate with Salsa so your organization can research and store data seamlessly.

Check out DonorSearch's online fundraising tools.


Digital Fundraising Checklist


See how DipJar's online fundraising hardware can help your nonprofit.

6. DipJar - Best Online Fundraising Hardware

Online Fundraising Platform Overview

DipJar’s online fundraising platform is the essential tool for accepting donations from donors who only carry their debit and credit cards.

Because so many donors don’t carry cash (or checks) anymore, DipJar helps you capitalize on the need to donate via credit card! Their fundraising hardware simply requires a donor to dip their card in order to give.

Plus, their preset donation amounts speed the process up, encouraging donations from on-the-go supporters.

Online Fundraising Tool Features

DipJar’s hardware provides multiple safety and performance features:

Encrypted Transactions. All of DipJar’s transactions encrypt your donors’ card data and transfer your funds over cellular data monthly or weekly.
Performance Tracking. Track every transaction in every DipJar your organization has from one central location! You can even change donation preset amounts from your dashboard.
Donor Data Acquisition. DipJar shares donor names and even gives your donor the option to receive a tax receipt!

Why We Picked This Online Fundraising Tool

DipJar is a really special online fundraising tool in that it merges online and offline fundraising. 

For those who want the experience of in-person fundraising with the seamless credit card use and data collection of online fundraising, DipJar is a top solution to your needs.

Online Fundraising Platform Pricing

DipJar’s hardware is available for just $399 a piece. They charge a 3% and 17¢ processing fee for every transaction with an additional 3% platform fee.

Does This Online Fundraising Tool Integrate with Salsa?

Yes! DipJar’s online fundraising hardware does integrate with Salsa.

See how DipJar's online fundraising tool can help your organization raise money.

Check out DNL OmniMedia's online fundraising tool and see how it can help your nonprofit with fundraising integrations.

7. DNL OmniMedia - Best for Online Fundraising Integrations

Online Fundraising Platform Overview

DNL OmniMedia knows that your organization is looking to change the world for the better and their online fundraising tools can help! While they harness and maximize technology, you can use their platform for social good.

From migrations to strategy to website development, DNL OmniMedia can handle all of your fundraising needs and integrations. As a full-service web development agency, they’ll help you select compatible providers to suit all your nonprofit’s needs while making integrations easy.

Their committed to helping organizations like yours reach determined goals and with their knowledge behind their mission, there’s no room for failure!

Online Fundraising Tool Features

DNL Omnimedia’s online fundraising tools even provide incredible data and analytics, like:

  • Web analytics
  • Strategic planning and data analysis
  • Digital measurement and testing
  • Data reporting and visualizations

Why We Picked This Online Fundraising Tool

If you need a top-tier consultant to help with a range of needs in terms of utilizing your online fundraising tools, DNL Omnimedia is a great choice.

Sometimes you need some extra help to take your technology to the next level, and DNL can offer that service.

Online Fundraising Platform Pricing

Contact DNL OmniMedia for a quote on their online fundraising tools.

Does This Online Fundraising Tool Integrate with Salsa?

Yes! DNL OmniMedia does integrate with Salsa for better user experience for your organization.

See how DNL OmniMedia's online fundraising tool can help your organization fundraise.

Check out BidPal's online fundraising tool for auctions.

8. OneCause - Best for Online Fundraising with Auctions

Online Fundraising Platform Overview

OneCause is the top recommended provider for mobile bidding and online fundraising platforms because they strive to aid nonprofits reach their goals and achieve their missions.

OneCause’s online fundraising platform for auctions helps your organization manage your event from start to finish. From item procurement to donors’ emailed receipts and everything in between, OneCause is there to organize your event so you don’t have to stress.

OneCause even helps you excite your audience with a live scoreboard and shared social media feeds. You’ll be able to live tweet your event and allow donors to share auction item packages to generate interest.

Online Fundraising Tool Features

OneCause provides a mobile app so you can manage your event on-the-go and donors can place bids from anywhere. Their app comes with these additional features:

  • Send push notifications to donorsCheck out BidPal's online fundraising software.
  • Review previous receipts
  • Track charitable giving
  • Receive up-to-date charitable news
  • Access open mobile bidding events

Why We Picked This Online Fundraising Tool

OneCause's software solutions now go beyond the auction technology that they're known for.

As far as fundraising event software goes, OneCause has a range of solutions that can guide you through your next fundraiser. 

Online Fundraising Platform Pricing

OneCause knows that one size doesn’t fit all! Their online fundraising tool comes in multiple packages so your organization can find the best fit. Contact BidPal for a quote on their online fundraising platform.

Does This Online Fundraising Tool Integrate with Salsa?

No, OneCause doesn’t integrate with Salsa’s tools.

Check out BidPal's online fundraising software.

Take a look at NextAfter's online fundraising tool for optimization services.

9. NextAfter - Best for Online Fundraising Optimization Service

Online Fundraising Platform Overview

NextAfter analyzes the reasoning behind why donors give to nonprofit organizations, which makes them the most recommended online fundraising tool for optimization service.

NextAfter helps your organization understand which strategies work in favor of donations and which work against. This way, you can optimize your strategy and maximize your donations!

It’s important to note that NextAfter performs forensic research where they dissect the biggest nonprofits in the world to comprehend how they strengthen their donor relationships (and how you can strengthen yours).

Online Fundraising Tool Features

NextAfter even offers detailed resources, like the following to help with donor acquisition, retention, and stewardship as well as gaining significant donations:

Library of experiments
Research studies
Research tools
Research videos

Why We Picked This Online Fundraising Tool

We picked NextAfter because it gives you a sophisticated look at your donors and helps you get in the donor mindset so you can fundraiser smarter.

Online Fundraising Platform Pricing

Contact NextAfter for a quote on their online fundraising platform.

Does This Online Fundraising Tool Integrate with Salsa?

NextAfter provides your organization with data you can use to improve your use of Salsa’s fundraising software.

Take a look at NextAfter's online fundraising tool and see how it can help your nonprofit.

Check out Whole Whale's online fundraising tool that's best for Google grants.

10. Whole Whale - Best Online Fundraising for Google Grants

Online Fundraising Platform Overview

Whole Whale is a digital agency that uses technology (and its data) to help boost nonprofits and accelerate their projects.

With multiple products and plenty of expertise, Whole Whale can help you carefully craft your submission for a Google Grant, which will bring your nonprofit plenty of exposure and more donations!

Whole Whale situates themselves right in between technology and impact, so they can help your organization use both to their fullest potential!

Online Fundraising Tool Features

Aside from Whole Whale’s consulting services, they offer a few products:

Snorkl, a request for proposal writer
Whole Whale University, nonprofit technology classes
WWU Live, in-person workshops
All Good Text, text updates on your Google analytics

Why We Picked This Online Fundraising Tool

Whole Whale offers a unique product and services offer a special window into improving your organization's online performance.

Online Fundraising Platform Pricing

Contact Whole Whale for a price on their online fundraising tool!

Does This Online Fundraising Tool Integrate with Salsa?

Whole Whale’s consulting services and data can help your organization use Salsa’s fundraising software to its full potential!

Check out Whole Whale's online fundraising tool.

Check out 360MatchPro, a top online fundraising tool for automating the matching gifts process.

11. 360MatchPro - Best Online Fundraising for Matching Gifts Automation

Online Fundraising Platform Overview

360MatchPro is a robust matching gifts software platform that's designed for large nonprofit organizations to help automate matching gifts fundraising.

Using this software, your organization can screen supporters to identify matching gifts eligible leads. Then, you can automate the matching gifts process by sending these individuals emails prompting them to complete their matching gift request.

Not only does this make raising money easier on your nonprofit, but it also takes much of the burden of giving off of your supporters. Instead of having to give a second or third gift to support your cause, donors can simply secure a matching gift from their employer.

Online Fundraising Tool Features

360MatchPro offers exceptional fundraising features like:

  • Easy match submission
  • Customized matching gift marketing
  • Simple software setup

Why We Picked This Online Fundraising Tool

360MatchPro is the best online fundraising tool on the market for streamlining matching gifts across your organization. If you want to take charge of how your nonprofit secures matching gifts, partnering with 360MatchPro is the right choice.

Online Fundraising Platform Pricing

Contact 360MatchPro to learn more about their pricing.

Does This Online Fundraising Tool Integrate with Salsa?

360MatchPro is a Double the Donation product, meaning you'll be able to integrate all of your organization's matching gifts data with Salsa's software.

360MatchPro is a top online fundraising tool that automates the matching gifts process for nonprofits.

Now that you have our 11 recommended online fundraising platforms, the world is your oyster. With this knowledge, there’s no type of online fundraising campaign you can’t master. Happy fundraising!

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