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Increase Donor Retention and Build Stronger Supporter Relationships With Streamlined Donor Management Systems

Streamline Donor Data

By hosting fundraising, communications, and prospect data in the same place, you'll maximize staff efficiency and save time. Automation and intuitive data entry tools cut manual, time-consuming tasks. 

Optimize Your Strategy

With robust reporting features and dashboard analytics, zeroing in on the right data and producing reports are a breeze. Spend more time focusing on what's important — cultivating your donors! 

Personalize Your Outreach

Don't just communicate with your donors; inspire them! With in-depth donor profile data, you can craft the most relevant messaging to drive your supporters to action and build lifelong relationships. 

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The Best Donor Management Software Features

Rich Donor Profiles

  • Track contact data, relationships, interests, demographics, social media accounts, and more.
  • Control access as needed with role-based restrictions and security.
  • Deduplication features help you to keep your constituent data clean.
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Donation Tracking

  • Keep track of unique data with custom fields.
  • Inspire smarter fundraising with relationships and householding features.
  • Keep detailed notes to manage your donors better.
  • Track donation history in our intuitive donor management system.
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Direct Mail Fundraising

  • Create professional letters with our built-in word processor.
  • Capitalize on powerful mail merge tools for organized email managment.
  • Exercise the best in breed label printing.
  • Use bar code scanning for large scale direct mail solicitations.
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NEW! Donor Management and Fundraising Performance Dashboard

  • Customize dashboards for real-time visualization.
  • Measure key metrics to track your donor management and fundraising goals.
  • Get actionable information that helps you actually focus on retaining donors!
  • Save and schedule reports to be delivered on a recurring basis.
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Donor management software makes it easy to keep track of your members.

Member Management

Manage your members with triggered dues reminders, targeted event messaging, and powerful tools designed to drive non-dues revenue.

An efficient donor management system will make donor cultivation easy.

Donor Cultivation

Track major gift prospects through every stage of the process and keep your staff on track with custom workflows, priority settings, ownerships, and task reminders.

Grant management shines with a strong donor management system.

Grant Management

Customize workflow to equip your team with the right collaboration and document sharing tools. Never miss a deadline in the grant writing and application process!

Salsa's donor management database integrates with Double the Donation's matching gift tools.

Double the Donation Integration

Double the Donation integration allows nonprofit organizations using Salsa to plug-in the Double the Donation and 360MatchPro matching gifts tools on any donation page.

Salsa's donor management database integrates with WealthEngine's wealth screening tools.

WealthEngine Integration

WealthEngine uses data science to give you meaningful, accurate information you can immediately act on. Their system sources prospect data that integrates into Salsa CRM.

Salsa's donor management software integrates with DonorSearch's prospect research tools.

DonorSearch Integration

Using information from 25 databases, DonorSearch uses proprietary algorithms to help nonprofits find the best philanthropic prospects inside your Salsa CRM database.


What is donor management software?

Donor management software helps nonprofit development and fundraising teams track and report on their supporters' activity, giving history, and interactions with their organization. Learn the 20 ways to maximize fundraising with donor management software >


How are donor management and CRM software different?

Often used interchangeably, donor management software and CRM software perform similar functions. Typically, CRM references a database of all constituents, not just donor records. In our case, Salsa CRM is Salsa's donor management platform.


How do I choose the best donor management system?

Along with taking software demonstrations and talking to existing customers, we'd recommend reviewing independent guides such as the NTEN and Idealware Guide to Donor Management Systems >


How are Salsa's donor management tools and fundraising software different?

Salsa brings online and offline fundraising and donor management together on one unified platform that was purpose-built for nonprofit teams. Learn more about why Salsa is different >


How can donation management software protect donor data?

No donor management software is complete without role-based restrictions. Your donor data is your most valuable resource, which is why access should be limited to key personnel. Watch our crash course on donor databases >


What information should I track in donor profiles?

Rich donor profiles are key to a successful donor management system. Donation history, relationships, social media accounts, and demographic data are just some of the factors that can help you better understand your donors.


How can I keep my donor data clean with software?

With Salsa's deduplication features, it's much easier to ensure that every donor profile is unique! Plus, robust reporting features can simplify segmentation and help you identify holes in your donor data. Learn more about important nonprofit data >


Can I just buy Salsa CRM without Engage?

No. Salsa Engage is included with every Salsa CRM package so that your online and offline fundraising data can be centralized and your processes can be streamlined with just one vendor.


What does Salsa's donor management system cost?

Pricing for Salsa's donor management system depends on the size of your contact database. You can request a custom pricing quote here >

Unify Your Online & Offline Fundraising with
Salsa Engage + Salsa CRM


Unify Your Online & Offline Fundraising with
Salsa Engage + Salsa CRM

  • Marketing Automation
  • Online Fundraising
  • Peer to Peer Fundraising
  • Online Event Registration
  • Rich Donor Profiles
  • Donation Tracking
  • Direct Mail Fundraising
  • Performance Dashboard

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  • Works with all Salesforce’s standard versions and the Nonprofit Success Pack
  • No middleware or third-party platforms
  • Syncs directly with Salesforce’s native records like Contacts, Campaigns, and Opportunities
  • Automatically match and merge potential duplicates using Salesforce built-in Duplicate Matching rules, or manually control how the system merges contacts

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"It's a great tool - easy to use and you have access to build just about any query imaginable. The best part about Salsa CRM, though, are the people. Their customer service is great! Whenever I've had an issue or a question they've provided personal attention within minutes." Donor Management Software Review
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NTEN and Idealware Ranked Salsa a Top Donor Management System in 2017
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    “Highly recommended system will help you categorize donors.”- 2017 NTEN/Idealware Guide to Donor Management Systems
  • Quote
    “Strong functionality in every category.”- 2017 NTEN/Idealware Guide to Donor Management Systems
  • NTEN-FireFly-Quote.png
    “Integration with Salsa Engage has brought significant improvements."- 2017 NTEN/Idealware Guide to Donor Management Systems

The Donor Management Software Buyer's Guide

When it comes to choosing donor management software that’s right for your organization, you’re not just investing in a platform — you’re investing in your nonprofit’s future.

Smart donor management software makes it easy to profile your supporters, capture new donor data, and cultivate relationships based on the most up-to-date information.

Considerations for Purchasing Donor Management Software Steps to Buying a Donor Management Software

Considerations for Purchasing Donor Management Software

How many donor profiles will we need?

Your donation management system should be large enough to accommodate your existing donors and the new donors you’re sure to acquire as your nonprofit grows.

How many users will need to access the software?

Provide the tools your development team needs to succeed by determining the key personnel who require access to your donor management software.

What kind of technical support will we need?

All systems encounter issues from time to time. Software with a great reputation in customer support can alleviate your concerns and help when you need it most.

How will staff be trained in the new system?

Set timelines and goals to keep your staff on track as your team learns your new donor management software. A simple, intuitive platform will streamline this process!

What kind of integrations will we need?

Some donor management software, like Salsa CRM, come pre-packaged with all the fundraising, advocacy and marketing features you’ll need, no integrations required!

What is our donor management software budget?

Donation management software holds your nonprofit’s most important asset — your donor data. Arrange budget priorities to invest in software that can grow with your organization.

5 Steps to Buying Donor Management Software

Shopping around for donor management software can be stressful, especially when there are so many systems to choose. The best way to nail down the donation management software that’s right for your nonprofit is to stay organized and follow these essential steps.

1. Research donor management software

The best donation management software will help you streamline your operations, build stronger donor relationships, and send targeted outreach that earns more fundraising dollars. Read product pages and software reviews to get a sense for how well each platform stacks up.

2. Reach out to vendors

Once you’ve determined the donor management software vendors that could be a fit your organization, reach out to schedule software demos. Never invest in software without seeing it in action! Most websites have demo forms that you can fill out, but an old fashioned phone call never hurts and may get the info you need sooner.

3. Walk your vendor through your donor data

One of the largest determining factors in the cost of your donor management software will be the amount of data you need to host. Plus, it’s important that the vendor understands how your current software works so that they can quote you properly for any implementation services you need.

4. Seal the deal

Before you sign a contract, make sure you have your board’s approval and a designated staff member to see the implementation process through from beginning to end. If you need time to sort these details, give your vendor a verbal commit to stay at the top of their radar.

5. Break in your new donor management software

Once the contract has been signed, you can work with your vendor to start transferring data, setting up integrations, and training your staff in the new system. Your new donor management software will soon be ready, and when it is, you won’t be able to imagine how you survived without it!

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