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Nonprofit Software for Easy Online Engagement

Advanced Online Engagement: From Advocacy and Fundraising to Email and Social Sharing

Grow, inspire, and retain your supporters with a single platform that will help you keep track of donors and activists from the moment they join your organization’s community.

Get a 360-degree view of online supporter activity, as well as event participation offline, and manage communications. Be more effective while being more efficient. Our advanced segmentation and microtargeting features help you increase response rates and turn first-time donors and advocates into long-term supporters.

Cheasapeake Climate Action Network celebrating a victory against fracking.


Collect funds online (with no added fees from us!), send automated receipts, and measure results.

Build Creative, Effective Donation Forms

Design unlimited donation forms to enhance your fundraising efforts. Brand one form to match your website or another to match a specific campaign, then measure results and use the data to foster long-term, personal and valuable relationships with your donors.

Online fundraising examples

Keep More of Your Donations

Fundraising is only effective if you actually receive the donations your supporters commit to give. Salsa makes sure your donations come straight to you, quickly, and without hassle.

When donors give your organization a gift, they expect you to receive it. All of it. Not whatever is left after a slew of fees. When you receive donations through Salsa, you will not be charged any donation processing fees by us.

Online fundraising customizing donations

Provide Options for Donors

Give your supporters options for how they give to your organization. For instance, encourage recurring gifts -- those valuable “sustainers” -- by offering recurring donation options.

You can also inspire users to give “in honor of” or “in memory of” a family member, friend or colleague. Salsa donation forms are flexible, versatile, and easy to create with these options and more.

Quickly mobilize your advocates! We specialize in equipping nonprofits like yours with the tools to facilitate rapid action and effect real change.

Build Support through Online Petitions

Invite your supporters to raise their voices and join you in your cause. Provide options for commenting, sharing, and spreading the word, then seamlessly integrate new petition signers into your supporter database.

Salsa customers using Online Advocacy tools

Target Influencers

Send targeted messages directly to decision makers at all levels - from local, state and federal offices, to custom recipients for CEOs!

Make it easy for your supporters to deliver inspiring, impactful messages. You create the content, set your preferences, and we'll take care of the rest.

With all of your data in one place you’re able to track your supporters’ donations, actions, email activity and more. Gain insight on your supporters to effectively communicate with them.

Identify Your Engaged Supporters

With scoring, measure activity based on how many and how recently actions were taken. Use your scores to gauge supporter enthusiasm and improve your outreach.

Example user profile

Foster Quality Relationships

Foster a deeper relationship with each of your supporters with an in-depth profile including complete, up-to-date contact information, donor history, and online activity. Easily view, query and create supporter-centric communications for better response rates and long-term engagement.

Manage registration and check-ins, payment processing (including discount codes), waitlists, pre-event emails and social media promotions through a single platform.

Invite Supporters as Hosts

Inspire personal connections and invite your supporters to host their own gatherings or meet-ups using distributed events. Simply set the defaults and content suggestions, then your supporters can search for events in their area or create their own. 

Event Management example

Manage and Report on Attendees

Want to know how event attendees are contributing to your organization’s overall performance? Custom reports help show you how offline attendance influences or impacts online actions for a complete, insightful and actionable view.

Monitor performance and discover effective ways to improve your messaging and content.

Find and Export Your Data

Built-in reports were created with nonprofit needs in mind. Choose from abundant reports on advocacy, fundraising, events, groups, and more. Export report data once, schedule it for a recurring delivery, or save your preferred reports to your Salsa dashboard for easy access.

Reporting and Analytics example

Customize Your Own Reports

Copy and edit pre-built reports or build your own from scratch with a flexible reporting framework designed to give you options for fields, conditions, and filters. Use your reports to understand trends with your campaigns and to make improvements for continually optimized performance.

Seamlessly collaborate across your entire network by providing varying levels of access to your organization’s chapters and affiliates.

Publish and Syndicate Content

Distribute campaign messaging such as pages, email broadcasts and templates to local organizers. Groups, action pages, event information and your custom fields can also be shared across every chapter from a central, unified platform.

Chapter Management example

Administer User Privileges

Control access to your chapters. Allow each chapter to access their internal data and syndicated content, or expand what they see to include other chapters, at higher or lower levels, and group tiers of chapters for easier reporting.