Empower Grassroots Supporters

Explore Salsa's peer to peer fundraising with invididual & team fundraising pages and mobile application.

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Mobilize Passionate Supporters

Empower your supporters and channel their passion into raising money and spreading awareness for your organization.

With Salsa's peer to peer fundraising software, you'll have the secret weapon to mobilize your supporters and they'll have easy tools to make personal asks online!

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Your Goals? Our Proven Process.

Increase cause awareness? Boost event sign-ups? Broaden your donor base with new donors?

Leverage your grassroots support with a proven, repeatable engagement process.


Uncover your most engaged supporters. With detailed database profiles that track every historical interaction, segment them into lists based on common attributes and target them to participate, donate, fundraise, or volunteer at an upcoming event.


P2P campaign administrators invite supporters to be fundraisers, and automate email messages that encourage and prompt them to start raising money. Individuals & teams will solicit funds in their networks via email, social networks, and mobile app.


Administrators can create multi-level participant registration forms and configure event pages, then empower your grassroots supporters to raise money through their personal and team pages. Boost event ROI raise awareness, and hit your goals.


Analyze your campaigns with dashboard insights and coach fundraisers based on their performance. After the campaign, run your newly added contacts through wealth screening to see who you should target and cultivate for a major gift.

  • Target

    • Target
    • Build data-rich supporter profiles, segmenting them, and targeting them with one-to-one communications. Create custom groups to segment constituents by activities, interests, giving level, location, etc and set list segmentation conditions that auto-populate and refresh groups daily.
  • Connect

    • Connect
    • In today‚Äôs multi-channel world, seamless, personalized communication between online and offline channels is a must-have. Reach your donors via email, social, mobile, direct mail, telephone or in-person. All your fundraising is on one unified platform.
  • Convert

    • Convert
    • Make it easy for your supporters to act. Whether making donations online or by check, registering for your next fundraising event, volunteering or just signing up for your newsletter, Salsa makes it simple for you to capture your supporters good intentions.
  • Optimize

    • Optimize
    • "Longterm fundraising success is built on data-driven feedback and continuous improvement. Rich analytics and reporting help you at each step of the process. A/B testing and dashboard insights help you optimize your outcomes.

"Salsa's tools had a significant impact on how our registrants were able to utilize all the features on the site in their grassroots fundraising efforts." - AA&MDSIF

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The Salsa Solution.

Salsa's peer to peer tools help nonprofits turn walks, thons, golf outings and more into dynamic, multi-channel grassroots fundraising campaigns. It can also jumpstart and support DIY fundraising.

As an organization, you can create event pages with registration, custom questions, and optional purchases, and your participants can easily build their own personal or team pages and run their campaigns from anywhere with Salsa's FREE P2P mobile app.

When participants begin to fundraise in their personal networks and broadcast their pages via social media and email, your organization administrators can track and "coach" fundraisers from start to finish with automated email series. It's powerful, mobile and easy for organizations and supporters alike!

  • Event Pages
  • Custom Registration Levels
  • Individual Fundraising Pages
  • Team Fundraising Pages
  • FREE Mobile App for Fundraisers
  • P2P Coaching for Adminstrators
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Publishing
  • Dashboard Analytics
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