Introducing Salsa Engage for Salesforce

Salsa Engage for Salesforce

Purpose Built Marketing Automation, Fundraising and Advocacy Software for Fundraising and Advocacy Nonprofits.

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Salsa Engage for Salesforce Features

Salsa Engage for Salesforce

Bidirectional Data Integration

Salsa Engage will sync supporters (both new and pre-existing), activity and engagement data with Salesforce. Salesforce will in turn sync updates made to contacts and other mapped data with Engage. A bidirectional sync allows relevant marketing/engagement data to flow into the CRM, while providing for easy segmentation and automation in Engage.

Data synchronization can be as frequent as every 5 min

Salsa Engage is an online marketing tool that will increasingly use automation and dynamic personalization. Data updates from Salesforce can trigger quick updates to synced records in Engage (and visa versa) every 5 min. to allow timely, automated and dynamic engagement.

Salsa Engage for Salesforce
Salsa Engage for Salesforce

User-friendly configuration and setup interfaces mean the average Salesforce user can setup and manage the sync

Many Salesforce integrations require significant consultative or technical resources to get up and running. With configuration, connection, and mapping interfaces that are user-friendly, the sync does not require significant time or staff investment.

No middleware or third-party platform to worry about

We built the sync mapping, configuration, error logging and setup options inside of Salsa Engage. There is no middleware or third-party platform to add to your list of programs to manage.

Salsa Engage for Salesforce
Salsa Engage for Salesforce

Syncs directly with Salesforce’s native records like Contacts, Campaigns, and Opportunities

The sync prioritizes using native Salesforce tables and records to make cross-channel reporting easy. No need to build complex reports combining lots of custom objects to get simple answers.

Automatically match and merge potential duplicates using Salesforce built-in Duplicate Matching rules, or manually control how the system merges contacts

Salsa integrates with Salesforce’s Duplicate Matching rule system to identify duplicates. Set duplicate matches to merge automatically or optionally review them before merging.

Salsa Engage for Salesforce

Loved by over 10,000 nonprofit users

Since we moved to Salsa, we've been able to fully integrate our P2P Fundraising and our online fundraising with our donor database. This is a huge time saver.

- Debra Norman | Development Associate

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