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You Had Me at Hello

Watch: Make the Most of New Supporter Relationships

So you've got a bunch of new names from somewhere...Facebook, a contest, a progressive social action network, (ahem) Care2. Now what?

Well, you could start with "hello." Or, actually, anything. Kinda nuts, but sometimes it can take organizations too long to make any sort of proper introduction. And then your new joins are all like "who are these people?" when you finally send that renewal or call to action. But never fear! We have all kinds of smart, easy, and even automated tactics and techniques to let your newest list members know how glad you are to meet them.

Check out webinar with Madeline Stanionis (principal at M+R) and Justin Perkins (Senior Director Brand Engagement and Business Development at Care2) to learn about the best way to handle all of that acquisition you're bound to do this year. You'll learn about various case studies and walk away with cold-hard-tactics to make sure your ROI is astronomical (or at least, you know, positive).