A/B Testing

Always Pick the Winning Message

AB Testing

Guess work is over. With A/B testing in Salsa, you can compare two versions of a message, subject line, form, or button in real time. Run this split test with a segment of your audience for a short time or a long period, and pick the version that they respond to the most. Then, blast the winning version to a larger group!

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Split Test Your Messages

Craft your main message and attach a list like you would with any email. With Salsa’s drag and drop email tool and best practice templates, this will be a breeze.

For your variation message, adjust the subject line or change the internal layout of text or images to see how recipients respond. After crafting your alternate version, send each version to a small percentage of your selected list.

Split Testing

Send the Test and Pick a Winner

Launch your A/B test for a set period of time and analyze the results of each message.

Pick a winner manually or let the system automatically choose a winner based on higher open %, click %, or conversion to action % and send that winning message to the remaining majority of your original list.

AB Testing Optimization
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