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10 Ways You Know Your Nonprofit Loves Data

QVKE96OD36.jpgNonprofits are finally getting on board the data train! We know that data can help improve decision-making, drive new initiatives and ultimately give your organization that extra push it sometimes needs to challenge conventional norms. While some organizations find adopting a new data-informed approach to be difficult, others are all too eager to embrace their inner-nerd.


Here’s how you can tell if your nonprofit really LOVES data...

1. Someone uses the terms “Big Data”, “ROI” and “KPI” in one sentence without cracking a smile


2. You check yesterday’s stats with your morning coffee


3. You’re in Google Analytics at least five times a day


4. You always have a graph or screenshot to back up what you’re saying


5. Running reports is what you do to feel calm during stressful days


6. You. Love. Tests. It’s actually kinda scary how much you love A/B testing your website and emails.  


7. You can stop any argument before it starts with the dreaded phrase “Well, that’s not what our data says…”


8. You can regularly find you and your colleagues geeking out over web stats during lunch


 9. You dream in dashboards


10. You get excited when something you thought would perform well on your site fails, because now you can learn from it! 



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