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8 Ways to Make Your P2P Fundraising Campaign a Social Community


1. Set Up A Campaign Blog

Share: Impact stories about your program's success; featured guest posts from fundraising superstars; stand-out personal stories; shareable videos; interviews; and any other information you want to share with your campaign community!

2. Create a Social Series with your Campaign Hashtag

Engage with your P2P fundraising campaign community by running a regular series on social media. If the campaign is event-driven, try something like #WhyIWalk Wednesday and give participants a chance to shine by encouraging them to share their personal reason for participating. 

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3. Create Shareable Social Graphics

Put a bow on it by creating downloadable social graphics for fundraisers to use with their posts. On your blog, be sure to tell your participants to also include your official campaign hashtag. This ways you can track (and share!) powerful posts.

4. Create a 'Fundraiser of the Week' Feature

Share profiles on stellar fundraisers each week on your campaign blog, social pages, and campaign homepage. Try this idea: Interview them or have them write a guest post for your blog!

5. Use Twitter Chats

Hold a weekly fundraising Q+A or AMA sessions to answer questions and brainstorm ideas with fundraiser participants.

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6. Provide Key Messaging

Create a list of peer-to-peer campaign messages and taglines for participants to use. This will help keep messaging uniform while inspiring creative posts from your fundraisers.

7. Share Fundraising Updates

Update your homepage, blog, and social media posts with periodic updates so fundraisers can see what they campaign has accomplished so far!

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8. Contests

Try holding a photo contest on social media (our favs are Twitter and Instagram.) Include in the rules that eligible posts must use your campaign hashtag so you can track entries. Incentivize participation with prizes like swag or gift cards!


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