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Adding a drop-down list of designation options to Salsa donation pages

Salsa's donation pages have a built-in Designation Code option that will provide an open-ended text box allowing donors to designate a program or campaign to support.

While a write-in text box is useful for many, others may want to provide a pre-set list of campaigns from which donors can choose. 

This can be accomplished by pasting some custom HTML in the "Pre-Donation Text" area of a donation page (which is located in the "Optional Text" tab of a donation page workflow). First, click the "Source" button--which will provide access to the code-level of the text box:

Then, you can customize and insert the following sample code:

<div class="formRow"><label for="desgination-code">I would like my contribution to support the following campaign</label>

<span class="input"> <select name="Designation_Code" id="desgination-code" value="" class="blockInput">

<option value="Campaign for Humanity">Campaign for Humanity</option>

<option value="Humans in Action">Humans in Action</option>

<option value="General Fund">General Fund</option>

</select> </span></div>

This code will provide a dropdown menu of campaign options and a label. The value saved for each option can be customized to match your own campaigns. You just need to change value="Campaign for Humanity" to value="Your Campaign". The option your donors are given is the text just before . If you want to add more choices, you can add additional tags with custom values and labels.

When a donor donates, the Designation Code value will be saved in the donation record here:

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