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Dan Quirk

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New Online Advocacy Software Overview Video

We just released a brand new video highlighting Online Advocacy in the Salsa Engage platform!

Topics: Advocacy

Building an Email in Salsa Engage [Video]

We're so excited to be kicking off a brand new video series this year, "Salsa in 60". Every Friday in 2017, our Senior Client Success Manager, Meghan Apfelbaum, will be highlighting features inside the NEW Salsa Engage or Salsa CRM platform in a one-minute (approximately) video.

Topics: Marketing

22 Strategies to Take Your Fundraising To The Next Level

If you're a nonprofit, chances are, you're constantly looking for ways to better your fundraising strategies to raise more money for your cause.

Look no further. We're here to help with the 22 strategies that will take your fundraising to the next level.

Topics: Strategy

18 Nonprofits And The Election Issues That Will Affect Them The Most

All across America, nonprofit charities, agencies, foundations, and legislative advocacy organizations are gearing up for Election Day on November 8th. While the Presidential race has gotten the lions' share of national press coverage, the future and the funding for so many nonprofits will be impacted by Congress, state legislatures, and local politics, more than any future administration's actions will affect them. The bottom line is...every race matters, at every level!

Over the last few weeks, we've been discussing with Salsa customers what issues they are concerned about as they look forward to 2017 and beyond. Below are the responses of 18 nonprofits who felt like their organization will feel be impacted by the outcome of the election:

Topics: Advocacy

7 Traits That Growth Focused Nonprofits All Share

Related to Our Guest Blog Post, "4 Things High-Performing Nonprofits with Great Leaders Have in Common."

Topics: Strategy

These 7 Questions Will Keep Your Nonprofit Website Redesign Project from Failing Miserably


That's the percentage of your website visitors that read your website word-by-word according to Neilsen. The rest skim.

Topics: Marketing

Fundraising Events That Produce the Highest ROI for Your Nonprofit

Fundraising events can be a shot in the arm for nonprofits seeking to generate revenue beyond grants and regular donations, but often have upfront costs and require ample staff time to organize.

Nonprofit leaders must decide which fundraising event is the best for their organization, based on resources available. It's difficult to choose events and depends significantly on what fundraising software platform that your organization is using.

Topics: Events

6 Website Forms That are Ideal for Land Trust Fundraising, Projects, and More

From easements to properties, volunteers, donors, and employees, land trusts require unique tools in order to manage a wide range of tasks and projects effectively.

Topics: Supporter Management Fundraising

Top Nonprofit CRM Tools for Land Trusts

Like every nonprofit organization, Land Trusts are tasked with managing donor relationships, tracking donations, and communicating with their constituents. On top of these challenges, are a host of others, such as handling the negotiations and due diligence required to properly execute real estate transactions, managing the back office, and providing stewardship for fee simple properties and easements.

Topics: Supporter Management

4 Ways to Enliven Your Nonprofit Cause Marketing with GoPro

Over the last several years, the world has watched riveting human encounters with lions and sharks, and seen amazing accidents and adventures on cliffs and in outer space with an up-close perspective never seen before...all thanks to the magic of GoPro.

Topics: Fundraising