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3 Ways A Nonprofit CRM Can Improve Your Direct Mail Appeals

There is a little known secret behind the world of direct mail marketing. That is the use of a CRM or constituent relationship management system to maximize your campaign and get the most out of your donors. 

4 Reasons To Track Volunteer Data (And How To Do It)

Your volunteer base is filled with passionate individuals who put in hard work and time to help drive your mission forward. Every hour they put in and each day they spend supporting your organization takes you one step closer to your ultimate goal. But how are you tracking that time?

How to Set Up Your Next Charity Auction for Success

Due to the pandemic and social distancing guidelines, your nonprofit has likely postponed or canceled its fundraising events. While this was a smart strategy at the onset of the pandemic, as nonprofits and individuals have settled into the new normal, it’s time your organization starts to pivot to the virtual sphere, if you haven't already.

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6 Online Fundraising Platforms: Get to Know These Tools

Topics: Fundraising

Nonprofit Software: Platforms to Power Your Cause

Managing a nonprofit takes lots of time and patience. From juggling donors to managing money to planning events, your to-do list never seems to end. Don't get too discouraged! Whatever you may encounter, there is a solution out there in the world of fundraising software.

Topics: Fundraising