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Can I Import This List?

Say you have a list of emails, and you'd like to import your list into Salsa but you aren't sure if it's a good idea. What email lists are okay to import, and what ones should you stay away from? Here is a list of lists, designed to answer the question: Can I import this list?


    • Any emails signed up directly with your organization. They may have filled out an online form, signed up using a pen-and-paper sign-up sheet.
    • Lists from change.org or Care2.


    • Press lists: Don't import more than 500 press emails.
    • Enhanced lists, or matching name, address, and phone number to an email: Keep in mind that phone numbers and addresses are public information that can be found in a phonebook while emails are not.
    • Appends: This is okay as long as it comes from someone that your org has a reasonable relationship with. This does not include voter files.


    • Anyone who has previously unsubscribed or been removed from your list.
    • Purchased lists. (The only exception to this is lists where people have specifically opted in, such as change.org and Care2.)
    • Traded lists, or lists that you've obtained by trading your list to another organization. (Instead, you could email your list to promote an organization and the other organization could email their list to promote you.)
    • Lists from other data systems, such as VAN. (Unless the email addresses have specifically been opted-in, you should not import these emails.)

Remember that importing emails that have not opted in to receiving email from your organization will negatively impact the deliverability of your email blasts. If you're still not sure whether or not importing a particular list is a good idea, it's always smart to ask! If you have a "yes" list you're ready to import, here's what you do next.

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