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Five Tactics to Personalize Your Message for Better Results

by Steph Drahozal, Marketing Assistant, Salsa

Are you familiar with MarketingSherpa? They are a really fascinating research firm that specializes in tracking what does and doesn’t work in the marketing world. Their goal is to give marketers stats, inspiration and instructions to improve their results.

I watched one of their webinars on Email Marketing: Five Tactics to Personalize Your Message for Better Results. I’ve listed the five tactics along with some tips that will hopefully help you when you are creating emails.

  1. Tweak sends with personal touches
  • Humanize content/elements
  • Inject personality, show company's spirit and values
  • Personalize your template (full name, make it come from real person, add photo, conduct A/B tests)
  • Personalization in subject lines
  • Add first name in subject line (proven to have a better open rate!)
  • Be creative with email content
  • Clear call-to-action
  • Can’t be overshadowed by personalization
  • Carry personalization through to landing page
  • Personalized URL (EX www.MSwebinar/yourname)
  • Know the right amount of info to ask for
  • Don’t go overboard with asking for info
  • Info must be relevant and valuable
  • Ask gradually while building trust

If you’re interested in more by MarketingSherpa, their website has some great webinars.

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