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Fundraising and Apple Pie

by Beth Johnson, Communication Manager, Salsa

Think for a minute about when you are most likely to make a donation to your favorite cause. If you said in the month of December, you’re not alone. For most organizations, nearly one-third of the year’s total donations are given in December.

Curious what the whole year in fundraising looks like? We broke it down into pie slices, as you can see in the infographic on this page. For most nonprofits, there are six slices that break down something like this:

  1. The first fiscal quarter: January to March
  2. The second fiscal quarter: April to June
  3. The third fiscal quarter: July to September
  4. The first part of the fourth fiscal quarter: October and November
  5. December 1 through December 25 (the holiday “giving season”)
  6. December 26 through 31 (the crucial last week of the year)

As a professional in the nonprofit world, this data is likely causing bells to ring and lights to flash in your mind about the importance of your upcoming end-of-year-fundraising campaign. The good news is it’s still August, which means you’ve got time to prepare your strategy, get a plan in place and make the most of the last three pie slices listed above.

Now, take a deep breath and download the free e-book, The Essential Guide to End-of-Year Fundraising. No matter how big or small your nonprofit, this easy-to-read book is packed with tips and advice for creating your year-end fundraising plan, utilizing many low cost online tactics.

Anyone else suddenly craving pie?

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