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How to Get your Supporters to Keep Taking Action (Beyond Year-End)

How to Get your Supporters to Keep Taking Action (Beyond Year-End)

Let’s fast-forward to the end of the year and, hopefully, the end of a successful end-of-year fundraising campaign. What happens next? How do you keep your new and existing supporters engaged with your cause and take some form of action again?

That work actually starts now. That’s right. The moment after a supporter has taken an action is a hugely important one. After all, you still have their undivided attention. But it’s not as simple as just asking them to take the next step, you need a plan of action. This starts with having a keen understanding of your supporter’s existing level of engagement and then setting goals to move them further along that path.

Goals can seem like a lofty concept, but really it’s as simple as determining what it is that you want your supporters to do next and finding ways to make it really easy for them to accomplish that task. A goal could be something like increasing the size of your email list, recruiting volunteers, increasing event attendance, or all three.

Next, you need to focus on how you’ll achieve those goals. For this, you need to think of your goals in terms of actions. For example, if you want to grow your list, you could map out ways to add email signup boxes across your website and other online assets or offer clear benefits or rewards to supporters who sign up now (“learn about the impact your actions will have” or “get this free calendar when you join the cause!”). 

Essentially, you’re working backwards from your desired result (your goal) and piecing together tactics that will get supporters to take the desired actions to move them forward. But remember - it’s give and take. The key is to align your goals with the goals of your supporters as much as possible. Don’t be pushy! Add value to their supporter journey by helping them engage in ways that feel good to them, but set their overall course in a way that benefits the long-term goals of your organization.

What does this look like? Below is a hypothetical example of how a nonprofit looking to drive more traffic to its website can go about doing this, based on the desired actions that they want supporters to take.

Goal: Increase Web Traffic

Desired Supporter Actions

            Tactics That Can Drive Those Actions

Visit key areas of your website 

  • Add calls to action to your thank you emails and landing pages that encourage users to explore your website (videos, success stories, link to your blog).

  • Encourage them to sign up for your newsletter at every opportunity (landing pages, thank you pages and emails, nurture emails). Use your newsletter as a spoke to drive traffic back to the hub (your website).

  • Share topical and campaign-specific web content via social media.

Read and subscribe to your blog

  • Review your blog content. Is it compelling? Do the subject lines entice readers to click? Use A/B testing to compare how certain topics, content and subject lines perform.

  • Promote your blog on social, in your newsletters, and, of course, on landing pages.

  • Add a button to your blog template that encourages supporters to subscribe to your RSS feed.

Share your posts on social media

Social content is great, but even better when it goes viral. Look for ways to make your social posts more “shareable”.

  • Use visuals to tell stories on social media (memes, videos, etc.)

  • Develop a calendar that mixes organic content (your blogs, appeal updates) with content from third parties that your supporters may be interested in (similar causes, news stories, etc.).

  • Keep track of your metrics (Facebook Insights, Hootsuite) to gauge which kind of content and calls-to-action get the most shares, then apply that approach more frequently.


 And so on…!

This is just one example of how you can match your goals with tactics that can help your supporters take action. For lots more, check out our latest guide 10 Ways to Get Supporters to Take the Next Step. You’ll also learn how many of your goals actually connect and build on each other and, even better, how you can use the same tactics and online content over and over to move supporters from one action to the next.

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