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How to Grow your Email List with a Coalition of Giving

How to grow your nonprofit supporter list with a coalition of giving

Growing your list is crucial to your nonprofit’s mission. The more you connect with engaged supporters, the greater your impact. To help you do this, we’ve put together an infographic offering our Top Ten Strategies to Grow Your List including social media, tell-a-friend pages, timed reminders, and more.

You may already use some of these strategies, but this list includes many novel ideas, including #10 - building a coalition of giving.

What is a coalition of giving and how does it help you grow your email list? There’s a good chance that there are other organizations out there who champion a cause similar to yours. Building a coalition of giving literally means partnering with these organizations to reach beyond your existing networks and supporter base - so that you can both grow your lists.

To help you get started, here are two simple tips for developing a coalition of giving.

1) Cross-Promote Each Other’s Content

A great starting point is proposing a blog swap with similar organizations - contributing guest blogs on an occasional basis.

For example, Salsa client, Animal Legal Defense Fund, focuses on animal rights. They run many campaigns around Ag Gag laws, and they decided to reach out to other entities interested in public health, nutrition and even consumer protection. By connecting to different issues and causes, they found a meaningful way to connect with new readers and gain new supporters, too.

You could also put your heads together and coordinate your social media calendars, identifying opportunities to share each other’s content (where it makes sense and pertains to both causes).

2) Do a List Swap

Swapping lists (meaning you send an appeal to another organization’s supporters) is a useful way to extend your list but it can get a little tricky. There’s a right way and a wrong way to go about this. The wrong way is to just give each other lists to add to your database and send. The right way to send swap lists is to send an email from your system on the other organization's behalf. Read more in Dems Da Rules: Swapping Lists = Time Waste and Spam Bait.

Don’t Forget

Whether you decide to cross-promote content or do an email list swap, make sure you include clear calls to action, buttons, and links back to your own sign-up, donation or “about us” pages so that your new supporters can quickly get to know you. Remember, they’re not expecting to see you in their inbox or social media feeds, so make it easy for them to make the associate your cause with the one they already support.

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