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Get Smart Series: AARP Internet Conference in D.C. (BYO Prune Juice)

Via our exuberant chum Ann Yoders comes notice of of a free half-day event our D.C. users might be interested in: AARP is sponsoring a "Future of the Internet" program Nov. 10 (online RSVP required).

As the senior citizen in our shop at the ripe old age of 30 (and my lingering high ankle sprain says, where the hell did the flower of youth go?), I'll be there. 90% of the people we deal with day in and day out may be Gen-X or younger, but that doesn't mean they're the only ones out there signing petitions and clicking "donate." Especially donating. You do need money to pay your web host and e-activism coordinator.

Progressive types looking for strategic guidance might want to look up Ann's Bronx Cash Register Consulting, which also gives periodic consulting grants.

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