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Give Your Salsa Campaigns a Viral Boost with ActionSprout

by Jon Stahl, Director of Strategy, ActionSprout

Wouldn’t it be cool if your supporters could take online actions inside of Facebook that drove data directly into Salsa? Even better, what if your Salsa petitions regularly got Facebook share rates up to 150%? And what if you could learn whether people who take your Salsa actions are currently fans of your organization on Facebook?

Dream no more! ActionSprout has launched a new integration with Salsa that makes running Salsa campaigns within Facebook easy and inexpensive. Here’s the scoop.

ActionSprout is an online campaigning, engagement and fundraising toolkit for Facebook. Organizations using ActionSprout can create one-click social actions like “Sign a Petition” that people can take entirely inside Facebook. ActionSprout lets you get beyond Like, Share and Comment and run campaigns around more meaningful and specific actions. Because ActionSprout actions are tightly wired into Facebook, they can spread from friend to friend through all of Facebook’s messaging streams: the timeline, the newsfeed, the ticker and more. ActionSprout is optimized for mobile, so it’s easy for people to take action on the go.

Salsa users already have access to a powerful and versatile online activism platform, and by integrating Salsa with ActionSprout, you can create online campaigns that combine the full power of Salsa’s letter writing and petitioning tools with ActionSprout’s ability to spread your supporters’ actions through their Facebook social networks. All of your supporter data goes directly into your Salsa database.

Here’s what a Salsa petition looks like when it’s integrated into Facebook with ActionSprout:

Salsa petitions integrated into Facebook with ActionSprout

Notice that basic contact information (name and email) from the user’s Facebook profile is automatically pre-filled into the Salsa form. If a user has taken action via ActionSprout before, we may be able to pass in additional contact info as well.

As soon as your supporter takes action, ActionSprout shares the action with their friends via Facebook’s open graph and then prompts them to share their action with their Facebook friends. Because everything happens inside Facebook, where sharing is the norm, we find that huge numbers of people do so--100% share rates are not uncommon. This can give your action a huge boost beyond your existing Facebook fan base--we’ve seen actions where non-fans have outnumbered fans by 5 to 1.

Our Salsa forms integration is only the beginning. In the next couple of months, we’ll also be releasing an additional Salsa integration that will let organizations capture supporter data directly into Salsa via the Salsa API. This will allow organizations to build lightweight campaign actions that spread quickly through Facebook while capturing the supporter data into Salsa on the backend.

We’re really excited to be partnering with Salsa, and we can’t wait to see all of the creative online campaigning that Salsa users are going to do with ActionSprout. If you’re in DC next week, come see us along with a distinguished panel of nonprofit social media mavens at Salsa Live: From Like To Love, a free event on Thursday, Feb. 21st, at which we’ll be talking about how to better leverage social networks for organizing.

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