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Help Yourself, Help Others: A Webinar a Day (or Week) Keeps the Doctor Away

by Christine Schaefer, VP of Community and Marketing

Last month, I began to reflect on 2012 - what went well and what I could do better in 2013. From that, came the idea for a series of blog articles on how you may better help others by helping yourself first. My very first article? “HYHO: Schedule ‘You Time’ to be a Better Champion” focused on the importance of attending live training events, like the 2013 Salsa Community Conference or Web of Change, for personal development, rejuvenation and building a community of support.

But, caring for oneself needs to be more than just once in awhile to truly make a difference.

I still believe that you MUST schedule time for live, multi-day, retreat-like events to get away from workaday responsibilities, clear your mind, gain strength from the knowledge and support of peers. AND, I believe that you must schedule daily, weekly and monthly time as well.

Webinars to the rescue!

In 2012, I signed up for at least one webinar each week, but as I look back, I estimate that maybe I attended one per month. That’s probably pretty normal based on the webinar attendance rates we see (typically only 40% of those who register actually attend). But, what a huge disservice to myself and my mission, which is to help nonprofits of all sizes build the best possible base of support online. Since it’s a mission without end, it can keep be very busy, and is often pretty draining.

What’s your mission? Is it similarly endless? Does it also require staying up-to-date on the latest best practices?

To cure what ails you, try this prescription- an hour a week, not just watching a webinar, but actively engaging in one (using the chat feature, for example). Much like an apple a day can keep you healthy, so can webinars. I got some help making this graphic to illustrate the metaphor.

There are a TON of great webinars out there. There’s some pretty bad ones too. Find some good ones and make a commitment to yourself to watch one a week. We have all kinds of great webinars at Salsa - some for strategic education and others for Salsa-specific training. Unlike apples, they are completely free. So, what have you got to lose? Try one. With or without peanut butter.

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