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How to Fundraise with Groupon: Run a Grassroots Campaign Coordinated with Salsa

by Beth Johnson, Communication Specialist, Salsa

Would you like to have a 40% response rate to a fundraising campaign? Salsa client KaBOOM! did and not just because their mission to create safe, fun playgrounds is so darned cool. They did it through a partnership with Groupon Grassroots, leveraging their current supporters and social media to raise funds and awareness.

If you’re a nonprofit organization, a social venture or an individual community organizer, you can apply to be an upcoming Grassroots campaign. You’ll need to come up with a specific, measurable project idea that can be activated within one year and achievable with $500-$1,000 (if you raise more, great!).

Got an idea? Here are some of the specific things Grassroots is looking for:

  • Project-specific campaigns- not just general fundraising
  • Motivational projects that would inspire someone not familiar with your organization
  • Well-researched projects that address legitimate community need
  • Politically and religious neutral projects
  • Projects that can be funded with a single campaign- this isn’t the place for long-term or large-scale ideas

To apply, you’ll need to outline your project and its goals, as well as demonstrate your existing web or Facebook presence. Visit the Groupon Grassroots site for more tips and information. You can also go straight to the application form and get started!

BUT WAIT! Don’t forget that you can turn your Groupon Grassroots donor into long-term supporters. Learn how KaBOOM! used Salsa to capture donor information and track both campaign success as well as build relationships with their new donors.

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