Nonprofit Software: Platforms to Power Your Cause

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August 14, 2019

Guide to 8 different nonprofit software platforms that will help you power your cause.

Managing a nonprofit takes lots of time and patience. From juggling donors to managing money to planning events, your to-do list never seems to end. Don't get too discouraged! Whatever you may encounter, there is a solution out there in the world of fundraising software.

Different software helps with different things for your nonprofit, so make sure you know what’s available. We’re going to go over different nonprofit software that can help your nonprofit run smoother and faster, while also increasing donations. Here’s what we’re covering:

  1. Salsa Engage
  2. Salsa CRM
  3. Double the Donation
  4. Handbid
  5. WealthEngine
  6. DonorSearch
  7. Boardable
  8. QuickBooks
  9. Facebook Ads
  10. Omatic Software
  11. myRollCall

When you’re running a nonprofit, you need to take advantage of the best software for your organization. From managing your donor database to using prospect research tools, these nonprofit software tools will save you time and money, which can instead be put towards developing your fundraising strategies!

Salsa Engage is the top nonprofit software.

Salsa Engage - Top Nonprofit Software

For nonprofits, investing in a powerful online fundraising tool should be one of your top priorities. Online fundraising software is how your organization is going to conduct their events and attract donations. Our top pick for you is: Salsa Engage.

Overview of Salsa Engage

Salsa Engage is online fundraising software that will help your nonprofit attract new donors, develop existing donor relationships, and retain more donors. With so many different features, Salsa Engage prepares organizations to augment the online donor experience as a whole. From enabling your nonprofit to customize your online donation form to helping conduct peer-to-peer fundraising, Salsa Engage can save time and money for your nonprofit.

Salsa Engage’s Nonprofit Software Features

Salsa Engage’s software features take a load of weight off your nonprofit’s shoulders. You shouldn’t waste time manually making an online donation form or signing people up for events. These features and tools include:

  • Customizable online donation forms - You’re able to customize your online donation form, accept donations including both one-time and recurring gifts, and offer suggested giving amounts. Salsa Engage also lets you embed forms into pages or widgets on your website.
  • Automated appreciation emails - Salsa Engage lets your donors know immediately how much you appreciate their online gifts with automated messaging. You can personalize these auto-response messages for an individualized experience.
  • Online event registrations - Your nonprofit can easily create event registration pages with Salsa Engage. You can make different registration levels be different prices and make them available at different time frames. Customize how your registration page looks with an easy-to-use drag and drop form builder!
  • Peer-to-Peer fundraising pages - Salsa Engage helps your nonprofit easily launch a peer-to-peer fundraising event by letting you create customized fundraising pages. You can also track how much each member in your peer-to-peer campaign is raising!
  • Online fundraising dashboard - Having a dashboard with customizable features with easy access to important online fundraising metrics will help your nonprofit track your fundraiser’s performance.

Why Salsa Engage Stands Out

Salsa Engage is our top choice not only because it improves donor relations with automated appreciation emails and has easy access to a fundraising dashboard, but also because it encourages fast fundraising growth with its peer-to-peer event capabilities and customizable forms.

Salsa Engage also can easily work with your nonprofit’s constituent relationship management system (CRM), otherwise known as your donor database. While Salsa has its own CRM system called Salsa CRM, Salsa Engage also has integration capabilities with Salesforce, one of the most popular CRM for nonprofits.

Integrating your nonprofit's CRM and nonprofit software will help you streamline donor engagement tracking and help you develop more intelligent strategies based on past data reports!

Salsa Engage as the best overall online fundraising software.

Salsa CRM is the top nonprofit software for donor management

Salsa CRM - Top Nonprofit Software for Donor Management

As your nonprofit grows and attracts more donors, you should start to think about different CRM and donor management systems to help you track all your data and information. Our top pick for donor management is Salsa CRM.

Overview of Salsa CRM

Salsa CRM is donor management software that helps you centralize your donor data in one place for accurate tracking and effective fundraising. From compiling donor profiles to tracking key metrics, read on to learn more about Salsa CRM’s features.

Salsa CRM’s Nonprofit Software Features

With Salsa CRM, your nonprofit will be able to look at your donors with a fresh new perspective. See how your nonprofit is doing over a wide time period by using Salsa CRM to track donor metrics. Salsa CRM comes with these features:

  • Rich donor profiles - Organize contact information, relationships, interests, demographics, social media accounts, and more. Salsa CRM also comes with deduplication features to keep your profile database accurate.
  • Donation tracking - Keeps track of data with custom fields and donation history in our intuitive donor management system.
  • Direct mail fundraising - Salsa CRM comes with a built-in word processor where you can create professional and branded letters. There are also mail merge tools for email management and barcode scanning capability for direct mail.
  • Donor management and fundraising performance dashboard - With a customized dashboard for real-time data visualization, you can access and keep track of key metrics for donor management and marketing goals. This can help you both attract new donors and retain existing ones.

Why Salsa CRM Stands Out

Salsa CRM stands out because Salsa Engage is also included with each Salsa CRM package. This way your online and offline fundraising and donor management data is centralized all in one place!

Salsa CRM is the best nonprofit software for donor management.

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Double the donation is the top nonprofit software for matching gifts

Double the Donation - Top Nonprofit Software for Matching Gifts

If you haven’t heard of corporate matching gift programs, your nonprofit is missing out on a major opportunity to increase revenue. If a donor is eligible for a corporate matching gift program, then their employer will match the donor’s contribution, doubling or even tripling the donation. There are a couple of nonprofit tools out there that can help you take advantage of this program, like Double the Donation.

Overview of Double the Donation

Double the Donation will make matching gifts so easy and accessible for your nonprofit and donors. With the most comprehensive matching gift database and their matching gift tool, you can look for matching gift eligible donors with Double the Donation.

Double the Donation's Nonprofit Software Features

Double the Donation doesn’t just come with a matching gift database, but a tool you can purchase alongside it called 360MatchPro. 360MatchPro can track eligible donors, automate outreach, and perform data analytics. Here is a rundown of all of Double the Donation’s features:

  • Matching gift database - Double the Donation has the largest and most accurate database for matching gifts in the nonprofit sector.
  • Matching gift automation - Double the Donation’s top-tier package 360MatchPro enables nonprofits to automatically identify matching gift eligibility and compile a list of possible gift matching donors.
  • Provides access to forms, guidelines, and instructions - With Double the Donation, your donors will have access to their business specific matching gift forms, guidelines, and instructions.

Why Double the Donation Stands Out

Double the Donation’s matching gift tool is the best in the nonprofit industry not just because they have the most comprehensive and accurate database, but because of its wide integration capabilities. With partnerships with many other nonprofit software, Double the Donation has the power to work with your organization’s existing system.

On top of this, you can add Double the Donation’s matching gift tool to almost anywhere on your nonprofit’s website, including your donation form and donation confirmation page.

Double the Donation's Homepage, the best nonprofit software for matching gifts.

Handbid is the top nonprofit software for online auctions.

Handbid - Top Nonprofit Software for Online Auctions

When organized and executed properly, online auctions can be highly profitable and engaging for any organization. Even with all the benefits they bring, preparing and organizing one can be a major task. To pull off your next auction without a hitch, you’ll need to employ the help of an intuitive nonprofit auction platform, like Handbid!

Overview of Handbid

Handbid’s online auction tools make moving your auctions to the online space seamless. They offer a fully automated event system that supports ticketing, registration, automated check-in, bidding, donations, payments, and item distribution. Plus, they give auction managers access to a suite of social fundraising tools — all within one interface.

Handbid's Nonprofit Software Features

Designed with quick setup and user experience in mind, Handbid’s mobile-based tools make fundraising a breeze. Here’s an overview of their exceptional features that cover everything your team will need to pull off a successful auction:

  • Mobile bidding apps for Apple and Google OS so supporters can bid from smartphones or tablets
  • A user-friendly manager interface so you can start planning your virtual event within seconds
  • Live video streaming directly within the Handbid apps and mobile bidding website
  • Real-time push notifications so users know when they’ve been outbid
  • Fundraising thermometers and live leaderboards that create a more immersive auction experience

Why Handbid Stands Out

As fundraising professionals, the Handbid team understands the challenges nonprofits face. Because of this, they’re able to provide unparalleled customer service. Alongside their professional tools, you’re bound to maximize bidder engagement and fulfill your fundraising potential.

Plus, SalsaLabs customers qualify for a free Handbid Headstart add-on with any of our Handbid Packages. This add-on includes setting up your auction with standard settings, loading your items, and resizing and loading your images. See how Handbid and Salsa Labs are working together to help fundraising heroes just like you! 

Take Handbid for a test drive and see how it can help your team become the fundraising heroes they strive to be!

Explore Handbid's intuitive nonprofit software for online auctions.

WealthEngine is the top nonprofit software for wealth screening.

WealthEngine - Top Nonprofit Software for Wealth Screening

When you’re beginning your donor research process, one of the biggest metrics that a nonprofit should be conscientious of is a donor’s wealth profile. Keeping track of wealth metrics can give you a clue into your donor’s ability to give and can indicate whether that individual could be a prospective major donor. Major gifts are the largest portion of a nonprofit’s annual funds, so don’t miss out on wealth screening tools. Our favorite is WealthEngine.

Overview of WealthEngine

WealthEngine is a prospect engagement and research platform that has a large wealth database and a range of wealth data tools. You can use WealthEngine to easily search for profiles and see a donor’s ability to give by tracking certain wealth indicators like real estate ownership, business affiliation, and public stock.

WealthEngine’s Nonprofit Software Features

With WealthEngine, your nonprofit can screen for wealth factors faster than ever. From targeting certain metrics to segmenting your donors for smarter marketing strategies, read on to learn more about the features WealthEngine:

  • Can reveal insights with the search tool - With WealthEngine you can search, tag, filter, and favorite individuals as a way to organize your donors. Having access to a database full of 180 million US-based homes and 250 million adults, you can uncover potential ideal major donors easily and quickly.
  • Segments donors by different metrics - WealthEngine allows you to dig deep into your donors life and look for wealth and lifestyle indicators that reveal what motivates each donor to support you. WealthDate then takes these indicators and uses them to launch more personalized marketing strategies in order to proactively nurture prospective donors and retain existing donors.
  • Prioritizes targets - Once you know how your major donors act, WealthEngine can uncover potential donors with automated tools that find prospective donors by screening similar wealth and lifestyle traits. This helps you prioritize a certain audience when you launch your next fundraising event.

Why WealthEngine Stands Out

WealthEngine is the best nonprofit tool out there for wealth screening is because the platform creates a personalized “Propensity to Spend” (P2S) score for each of your donors.

With wealth metrics ranging from jewelry assets to travel plans, you can pick and choose from 20 categories that you want to include in your P2S score. You can then use the P2S scores to gauge whether or not donors are likely to become a major donor.

WealthEngine's Homepage, the best nonprofit software for wealth screening.

DonorSearch is the top nonprofit software for prospect research.

DonorSearch - Top Nonprofit Software for Prospect Research

Your nonprofit should be constantly trying to learn more about your donors. Prospect research is the process of gaining insight from data that you’ve collected from your donors. The more data you have, the better you can form strategies for future fundraising campaigns. There are an abundance of prospect research tools out there, one top pick is DonorSearch.

Overview of DonorSearch

DonorSearch is a prospect research platform that works to identify the best prospective major gift donors, annual fund donors, and planned gift donors. DonorSearch does this by looking at not only wealth factors, but philanthropic indicators. This means that when searching for prospective donors, DonorSearch is looking at both ability to give (how much money they have) and affinity to give (how likely they are to donate).

DonorSearch’s Nonprofit Software Features

With DonorSearch, your nonprofit can evaluate your donors with a wealth screening tool and search for philanthropic indicators to find prospective major donors. Here are other features DonorSearch has:

  • The largest philanthropic database - DonorSearch has a charitable giving database with over 150 million records for you to measure a person’s affinity for giving.
  • Wealth markers tracking- DonorSearch’s screening tools can keep track of a donor’s real estate ownership, stock ownership, and business affiliation. These factors tell us how likely a donor will become a major donor, annual donor, or planned gift donor
  • ProspectView online - DonorSearch has a tool called ProspectView that allows you to access accurate records at your fingertips. It’s easy to find prospects through traditional wealth markers and philanthropic activity when your ProspectView provides the information for you all in your dashboard.

Why DonorSearch Stands Out

DonorSearch stands out from other donor screening platforms because of its emphasis on philanthropic indicators. DonorSearch is the only prospect research software that cares this much about philanthropy.

They know that a person’s affinity for giving is just as important as their ability to give, so making sure that both sides get evenly prioritized is the only way your nonprofit will be able to holistically screen for prospective donors.

DonorSearch's homepage, the best nonprofit software for prospect research.

Boardable offers the top nonprofit software for board management.

Boardable - Top Nonprofit Software for Board Management

Your nonprofit’s board plays a major role in your success. Board members ensure your organization has adequate resources to advance its mission and ultimately steer your team toward a sustainable future. Because of this, you’ll need to provide them with the tools they need to communicate at a moment’s notice. There are a handful of board management software options available, but our favorite is Boardable.

Overview of Boardable

Boardable is a board management software solution designed to be easy-to-use, simple, and affordable. In addition to the intuitive web interface, they offer a well-designed mobile app so that your team can collaborate whenever and wherever it’s most convenient for them.

Boardable's Nonprofit Software Features

Developed by nonprofit professionals, Boardable understands the communication challenges nonprofit boards and committees often face. To close the gap, their powerful software offers extensive features, some of which include:

  • Meetings Center - Automate your meeting scheduling to free your board from frustration. With the time your board members will save, they’ll be able to focus on governance, strategy, and furthering your mission.
  • Virtual Polling - Polling helps you develop active contributing board members. From strategic plans to budget approvals, everyone can cast their vote and help make important decisions. For sensitive issues, you can even enable anonymous voting.
  • Document Center - House all your documents within the platform. You’ll be able to easily organize and distribute documents, and your board will be able to collaborate on documents anytime, anywhere.
  • Task Manager - Create, assign, and manage action items to keep your board on top of its game. You'll be able to quickly check the status of complete and incomplete tasks in one central location.

Why Boardable Stands Out

Boardable offers all the intuitive tools nonprofit boards need to centralize communication and be highly efficient. The platform helps you bring your board's expertise and your passion together, so you can thrive and fulfill your mission.

Starting at $79/month, their software fits any nonprofit's budget. Plus, the Boardable team is offering nonprofits across the globe free access to their powerful software for 30 days—no credit card or commitment required. See how Boardable can encourage collaboration and boost productivity in your organization!

Check out Boardable's website to learn more about their nonprofit software for board management.

QuickBooks is the top nonprofit software for accounting.

QuickBooks- Top Nonprofit Software for Accounting

Running a nonprofit gets harder as you bring in more and more money. Accounting software for nonprofits becomes imperative as you begin juggling various sized donations, allocating funds, and spending time recording transactions to remain accountable to donors. That’s why you should check out QuickBooks.

Overview of QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an accounting software for nonprofits that helps track different projects and manage bills. As an organization that runs on donations, having accounting tools will help save time and help you figure out where and why you might be lacking in funds.

QuickBooks' Nonprofit Software Features

QuickBooks allows you to accept and track donations, auto create fund reports, and customize your accounting page to your specific organization. Manage money easily as QuickBooks:

  • Keeps information easily organized - QuickBooks keeps all your financial information organized in one place so you can manage your money more simply.
  • Can process and accept donations - QuickBooks can process your donations for you, whether it is by credit card, debit card, bank transfer, cash, or check.
  • Automates fund and program accounting - With QuickBooks, your nonprofit won’t have to deal with the complicated accounting tasks that come with the job. The accounting software allows you to categorize and report on different funds or programs.
  • Can customize for your nonprofit - QuickBooks is fully customizable for your nonprofit. You can create lists of specific donors to keep track of different metrics and you can customize different programs or funds to keep track of so you know where you stand financially.

Why QuickBooks Stands Out

QuickBooks stands out as accounting software because they have nonprofit-specific features. Besides the ability to organize your donors and track their donations, QuickBooks gives nonprofits the option to track time on volunteers for various events. They also create financial reports and updates that you can send to your donors to let them know their money is being put to good use.

QuickBooks Homepage, the best nonprofit software for accounting.

Facebook Ads is the top nonprofit software for social media marketing.

Facebook Ads - Top Nonprofit Software for Social Media Marketing

If you’re considering a new marketing strategy for your fundraiser, you should think about how social media plays a role. A new way to expand your audience is to invest in advertisements that appear on social media websites. Facebook Ads is a great example of this and can help your nonprofit attract new donors on a platform people are already using.

Overview of Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can be as simple or complex as your nonprofit wishes. Because Facebook has partnerships with Instagram and Messenger, your nonprofit can create ads that go across multiple platforms. If you are trying to attract a younger crowd and expand your donors, Facebook Ads are a great way to put your name out there.

Facebook Ads' Nonprofit Software Features

With millions of people using Facebook everyday, it is a great place for your nonprofit to launch a social media marketing campaign. Here are some of the features you can use:

  • Customizable ads at different levels - Facebook Ads are completely customizable. You can create and run ads of all types using self-service tools and track performances with simple reports.
  • Choose your audience - If you know what crowd you’re trying to attract with your ad, you can choose certain metrics to target regarding age, location, and other details. This way you can easily decide the demographics, interests, and behaviors that your donors are most likely to partake in.
  • Decide where to run your ad - Choose where you want to run your ad—that can be Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network, or all of them. You can also choose to run ads on specific mobile devices.
  • Measurement and management tools - In your Ads Manager, you can track performance and edit your campaign while your ad is running. You can compare different versions of your ad to see which one is working better and make changes to make sure that they’re all being delivered efficiently.

Why Facebook Ads Stands Out

Advertising on social media is not new news. However, with more than 2 billion people using Facebook every month, Facebook ads can help you reach almost any audience you want. Facebook also owns so many other social media platforms that once you have coverage and exposure to one, it is easy to expand that across the other sites.

Facebook Ads Homepage, this is the best nonprofit software for social media marketing.

Omatic's top nonprofit software is helpful to form integrations.

Omatic - Top Nonprofit Software for Integrations

Nonprofits frequently use multiple software solutions to support their needs. This is because different software providers specialize in various aspects of the fundraising process. However, every nonprofit provider collects and stores data in a different format, making data transfer and integrations difficult. That’s why many organizations choose to invest in an integration solution to help ensure all data speaks the same language. Our favorite integration solution is Omatic Software.  

Overview of Omatic Software

Omatic Software is an integration solution that works with the top nonprofit CRM software solutions in the industry to seamlessly connect with other software solutions. They help all of the data going in or out of your CRM (or other solutions) take the same format so that no information is lost or mistranslated during the transfer process.

Omatic’s Nonprofit Software Features

Omatic software’s integration solution helps nonprofits ensure their data is clean, complete, and current. This means your donor information is ready to leverage whenever you need it. You can use their software to: 

  • Build a complete software ecosystem. Some of your software solutions probably integrate while others may not. This leads to a confusing jumble of APIs and connections that require manual attention. Omatic Software ensures all of your nonprofit software seamlessly connects using your CRM as a central component to your strategy. 
  • Automate data transfer. When all of your software solutions connect with one another, you can automate the transfer of data between solutions. This saves you time that would’ve been spent reorganizing your information and manually downloading and uploading it from software to software. 
  • Migrate solutions. If your nonprofit wants to switch from one popular CRM platform to another, you’ll need to run both simultaneously for some time in order to effectively transfer data systems. Omatic Software allows your organization to do so while passing data between one another.

Why Omatic Software Stands Out

Omatic Software makes it easy to automate the data transfer process no matter where you are in your nonprofit software journey. 

For example, if you’re using a locally hosted CRM solution, like historical versions of Blackbaud, to power your organization, Omatic has a solution that helps automate the import and export of data for you. Or, if you’re just getting started on Salesforce and investing in various apps and integrations, Omatic can help you establish the connections you need for a comprehensive system.

Omatic Software is the top nonprofit software for integrations.

myRollCall is the top nonprofit software for events.

myRollCall - Top Nonprofit Software for Events

One of the most profitable, beneficial, but also stressful parts of running a nonprofit, is hosting events. Events are a great place for donors to come together and support your cause. From planning a walk-a-thon to a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, event management software for nonprofits can help. If you're a smaller nonprofit or planning a one-off event, myRollCall can be a great tool if event software is not part of your fundraising solution.

Overview of myRollCall

myRollCall is an easy-to-use event software that helps nonprofits and other organizations plan fundraising events. myRollCall has thought of almost everything along the event planning process that can cause issues or waste too much time and simplified them for you—planning an event has never been so easy.

myRollCall’s Nonprofit Software Features

There’s a lot of moving parts to manage when planning an event, but myRollCall helps you juggle them. From managing ticket sales to promoting your event, these are the features myRollCall provides:

  • Customizable event page - myRollCall allows you to create your own event page which you can customize to your cause with photos, details and description, and multiple ticketing options.
  • Event promotion and sharing - myRollCall makes it easy to share your event via email, text, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media platform your nonprofit is active in. Attendees can then share that they’re going to their own friends and family.
  • Ticketing capabilities - You can accept payment via credit and debit cards. You can also easily track RSVPs, receipts, and refunds all from your dashboard.
  • Donation processing - myRollCall can not only accept donations, but the platform allows donors to have multiple options like one-time donations or recurring.

Why myRollCall Stands Out

myRollCall stands out as event management software for nonprofits because of the way that they cater to a lot of nonprofit specific needs. For example, they have a pay as you go policy meaning that they do not charge one-time or monthly fees and it is instead 3% of your ticket sales. This means that you don’t have to pay a crazy fee if your event doesn’t do as well as you hoped it would.

myRollCall also comes with a feature to copy exact events over and over again. Nonprofits have a lot of annual events so it makes sense to invest in software that can instantly duplicate your last event to create a new one.

myRollCall's homepage, the best nonprofit software for events.

As you can see, there is a solution for every problem your nonprofit may run into. Don’t miss out on powering your cause and increasing donations by thinking you’ll survive without these nonprofit software! It’ll only make your job easier.

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