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6 Types of Nonprofit Videos to Create for Your Year-End Campaign

If integrated into your campaign properly, video can be an invaluable resource. It can add powerful visuals, a fresh perspective on storytelling, and a new platform for deepening engagement.

Year-end videos, in particular, are a great way to both exercise your creative muscles and test your limits…and of course, get in the holiday spirit (subtly or not)!

Check out these nonprofit videos from years past for some helpful ideas about how to make a fun and engaging year-end video:

1. The “Do Some REAL Good This Season” Video

Love the holidays? Hate the holidays? However your organization views the season, set the mood and throw yourself fully into the spirit. But be sure to state your value as well. Why is your organization worth supporting during this busy (and competitive) time?

2. The “We’re Regular People” Video

Don’t feel obligated to break the bank. The best way to get in the year-end spirit is to show your organization’s true colors. Be real and your supporters will love you! Show staff and volunteers “behind the scenes” and having fun.

3. The “We Had an Awesome Year” Video

What has your organization accomplished this year? What were the highlights? The more pictures, stories, and videos you’ve been collecting throughout the year to document your work, the easier this type of video will be to create. But don’t worry - if you don’t have enough visual resources available this year, make sure you get on the ball and start collecting for next year!

4. The “We’ve Been Doing This Work for a LOONG Time” Video

It may be a year-end video, but you’ve got many years of working toward your mission under your belt. Remind your supporters of your experience by putting a face on your countless successes.

5. The “Year End Drama” Video

Somehow the drama seems to build every year the closer we get to the holidays. Why not spoof the insanity to help you cope?

6. The “OMG, We Love Our Supporters” Video

This video is a great example of making a personal connection with supporters while also giving a fun and (almost) real-time shout out and ‘thank you’ to donors.

And finally, if none of these formats seems to fit your organizational style just right, then there’s always this:

Check out our Giving Tuesday videos playlist for more inspiration.


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