Online Petition Builder in Salsa Engage [Video]

Dan Quirk
June 12, 2017

Advocacy isn’t just about writing Congress, it’s about amplifying the voices of your grassroots supporters to grab attention and make your positions heard. Use online petitions to quickly gather names and supporter info on issues that can be used to deliver targeted messages or as part of marketing campaigns. Collect hundreds or thousands of virtual signatures through easy to build web forms and grow your list exponentially.

Watch how you can build petitions in Salsa Engage:


Video Transcription


If you want decision makers to listen to your message, you must speak with a loud, unified voice. WIth Salsa’s online petitions, you can facilitate rapid action and amplify the voices of your supporters.

Let’s look at how easy it is to create a mobile ready petition in Salsa Engage.

Here, you can see our example for a petition to “protect our drinking water” that will be passed along to the EPA. We can easily change the design by swapping in a new image at the header. We can also customize the form fields. For this petition, I’m only going to require email, first name, last name, and state, and we’ll also give supporters the opportunity to comment on this issue.

Here we’ll preview our form on desktop, tablet or mobile, and we can test it out to make sure it’s performing properly. After petitions are signed you can immediately encourage signees to share on social to help you hit your goal of 20,000 signatures!

As an additional follow up, you can configure an autoresponder email to your supporters thanking them for taking action and encouraging them to stay involved! Now we’re ready to collect signatures for clean drinking water!


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