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Partner Up- Spotlight on ActionSprout

by Beth Johnson , Communication Manager, Salsa

You know we have lots of great Salsa partners, but do you know what they can actually do for you? If not, you’ll want to keep track of our blog series, Partner Up, where we’ll introduce you to some of our partners and how they can help you build and engage your base of support by maximizing your strategy and your technology.

If you’re like most nonprofits, you probably have a Facebook page and interact with your supporters with features like “comment”, “share” and “like”, but Salsa partner ActionSprout takes engagement to a whole new level. They allow users to add dozens of social actions to their pages, encouraging supporters to do a variety of things like recommend a post, sign a petition or even pledge to volunteer.

Behind the scenes, you can export Facebook fan data (like name and email) to track your supporters or ask them to sign up for your emails and outreach. If you’re a Salsa client, you can still create your forms in the platform, and then ActionSprout will allow you to post them directly to Facebook.

Don’t just take our word for how cool ActionSprout can be for your organization. Read a case study they shared with us about their work with Jewish Voice for Peace and how they used Facebook for an advocacy campaign that resulted in hundreds of actions and nearly a five percent growth in their fans.

Topics: Marketing