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Partner Up- Spotlight on Cornershop Creative

Cornershop Creative helps organizations both large and small achieve their goals online, whether that means raising more money, collecting more email addresses and signatures or just raising the visibility of the organization. They even help organizations determine their goals when they aren’t already well defined.

With 30+ years combined experience, this dynamic little team has a ton of experience in online strategy, content, web and graphic design, mobile-responsive design and custom web development. Whether you need help with a major rebranding, a simple Salsa form change or platform integration, they can help.

They’ll work with you to identify measurable goals and the activities and tools you’ll need to meet those goals. From there, they can create or recreate your logo, branding and website design to ensure that they support your goals and tell your organization's story in a real and compelling way.

When it’s time to build your site, they’ll use their extensive front and backend development experience to build you the custom site your organization needs in any of today’s popular CMSes, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Expression Engine and Plone. Perhaps most importantly, they’ll expertly integrate your site with your Salsa platform, making it easy for you to entice your website visitors to donate to your cause and subscribe to receive your updates.

They’ve never let us down here at Salsa, always delivering when our clients need help making their Salsa forms mobile friendly, integrating their websites with their Salsa accounts or strategizing about the best way to use Salsa advocacy tools to meet their goals.

And you really couldn’t hope for a friendlier, more dynamic bunch. The team at Cornershop loves to say that they enjoy their work because they love to bask in the warm glow of world-changers. Send ‘em an email you’ll see what we mean.