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Pre-Built Groups in Salsa Engage [Video]

Salsa helps you grow your supporter lists and segment them so that each interaction is personalized and relevant.

Say goodbye to batch and blast communications and adopt a game-changing, targeted approach to engagement. It starts with list segmentation.

Let's look at the pre-built groups that come with Engage:

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Segmenting your database into groups is essential to personalizing interactions you have with your supporters online.

Salsa Engage comes pre-built with 16 groups that will help you apply the different targeting strategies for different segments. These pre-built groups make it easy to identify donors, advocates, subscribers, and others in your database who need to be cultivated with relevant content and personalized asks.

Each group is dynamic, meaning that when new supporters join your database, they are programmatically added to, or removed from the appropriate list based on their digital behavior with your organization.

In the email marketing tool, you can select from these pre-built lists for individual emails...

...Or you can create automated email series that are triggered when supporters join these groups.


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