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Quick and Easy Late Summer Reading to Help You Promote Policy Change!

by Beth Johnson, Communication Manager, Salsa

I love summer. Even August, because it still means there’s plenty of time for a few last minute beach reads as you soak up the sun or lay by the pool. As you’re enjoying the last weeks of summer, why not check out a book that’s quick, easy-to-read and will benefit you well into the fall?

It’s called the The Essential Guide to Online Advocacy for Nonprofits and by reading now, you can hit the ground running with your advocacy strategy when our nation’s legislators and other elected officials head back to work in September.

Written by advocacy expert Jeanette Russell in collaboration with Kristin DeMint of Wiley (the the folks behind “For Dummies” who also published this e-book), the guide is an easy-to-use reference to help you establish or grown your online advocacy strategy.

In a few simple steps, you’ll learn how to take advantage of online tools like social media, email, search engines and video for advocacy, in ways you may not have thought about before, while integrating traditional offline tactics as well.

Download the free e-book for tips, plus real-life examples, on how to:

  • Implement best practices for incorporating your theory of change into all you do and how to adapt your strategy to your target.
  • Take advantage of the role that local advocacy plays in influencing national change.
  • Mirror offline tactics with online tactics.
  • Engage and inspire your supporters to get involved.
  • And, use advocacy to grow your base (remember, only 10 percent of people complete an online action like signing a petition so you’ll need thousands of supporters to effectively leverage grassroots power online).

Happy reading and don’t forget the sunscreen.

Topics: Advocacy