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Strengthen Your Donor Segmentation: 7 Successful Strategies

When it comes to making connections with your supporters, there’s nothing more important than making people feel like your nonprofit is actually talking to them.

Instead of using the same communication, engagement, or fundraising strategies for your entire community, your team should instead take a segmented approach.

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Top 5 Essential Nonprofit CRM Features [With Reviews!]

Mastering your nonprofit’s data strategy can be challenging. Many growing nonprofit organizations struggle to piece together accurate and informative insights into their community because they’re working with a patchwork system of isolated data tools.

If your team needs to better understand the community you serve, then it’s time to invest in a robust nonprofit CRM platform.

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The Nonprofit Software Buyer’s Guide: Essential 501c3 Advice

For years now, nonprofits of all shapes and sizes have known that to really make the most of your efforts, you need to find the right nonprofit software solution.

However, with so many types of nonprofit software out there that all aim to address different areas of your operations, deciding on what kind of tools to invest in can be a real sticking point behind the scenes.

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Constituent Relationship Management: A Guide for Success

The use of constituent relationship management software is a topic that’s always buzzing in the nonprofit sector, so it’s easy to get lost in the swarm. Luckily, our helpful pointers for CRMs will clear up any questions you might have about the software.

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11 Strategies for Stellar Donor Retention (Using Your CRM)

Donor retention is indescribably necessary for nonprofits of all sizes and focuses. Without satisfied donors, there are no funds to further your cause. It boils down to the simple fact that without your donors, you can’t keep afloat.

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21 Key Performance Indicators Nonprofit Management Needs to Track

When it comes to determining how efficiently your nonprofit operates, there’s nothing quite as helpful as a large pool of accurate, relevant performance indicators that can objectively show you exactly how well you’re doing.

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20 Ways to Maximize Fundraising with Donor Management Software

If you work for a nonprofit that has faced the challenge of managing fundraising efforts without the right software, you know just how many problems using the wrong software can bring up.

First, there's the issue of unintegrated data. By using separate platforms to manage different aspects of your donor information, your data sources have no way to inform each other and, in turn, inform your fundraising efforts.

This isolation of your data makes it difficult for you to get a full picture of your supporters, which hurts your fundraising efforts.

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Your Donor Acquisition Process: 14 of the Best Practices

There are tons of articles and information about ways to retain your donors and encourage them to keep on giving. Many of these articles claim that donor retention is much easier and more cost effective than finding brand new donors to welcome into the fold.

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5 Major Donor Cultivation Strategies

Solicitation is at the center of the major gift acquisition process. It's the point at which a prospect becomes a donor. But, until the ask is made and the prospect makes that commitment, he or she has to be cultivated. 

Donor cultivation is basically building a relationship with a prospect. You don't simply call someone up and ask for $10,000 at the end of the conversation. You have to get to know the donor, and the donor has to get to know you and your nonprofit. 

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Unfulfilled Pledges Hurt Nonprofit Sustainability: Prevent Them!

Pledge fulfillment is important for nonprofit sustainability and fundraising, but when pledges aren’t fulfilled it can result in a number of problems. If the unfulfilled pledge amount is in the thousands, or higher, this can result in a major setback. In fact, several unfulfilled pledge disputes between a donor and a nonprofit have even resulted in legal issues and court cases.

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Donor Data: 6 Tips to Keep Your Database Organized

We all know that small things can make a big difference.

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