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Tuesday, November 6th - How We're Helping, Election Edition

by Dave Leichtman, VP Client Services, Salsa

I'm the VP of Client Services, a member of the senior management here, and I'm not just a Progressive - and let me tell you, everyone's got their own definition of what that means - I'm a Bleeding-Heart Liberal Democrat. If that makes you uncomfortable, stop reading, because in just a minute, I'm going to ask for your help!

A good number of us here at Salsa are very politically active. Myself, I'm the Tech Director for Arlington County Democratic Committee, Communications Director for several campaigns including my good friend Libby Garvey for Arlington County Board, and I'm an elected representative to the Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Virginia. Some day, when we've had a beer together, I'll tell you how to do all of that, work at Salsa, and have a family (hint: it involves very advanced Physics).

I don't do it alone, though. A bunch of the Salsa staff will be joining me and my friends in Arlington this weekend to help re-elect President Obama. And that's where you come in. We need your help!

If you can, join us across the river this weekend, Monday, or even Tuesday. Check out this massive list of volunteer activities in Arlington alone.

We here at Salsa are proud to serve nonprofits and political candidates with progressive causes. In my case, that means a fervent commitment to Democratic politics. I'm going to be working my butt off the next few days to make sure President Obama gets a second term. I hope you'll be there with me.

See you this weekend!

Yeah...I know people


A few of the Salsa employees got out this weekend and volunteered around the Falls Church, VA area.