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Want to be a Fundraising Expert? Follow these Nonprofit Influencers



Fall 2016 Twitter Round-Up

Here's our go-to list of nonprofit fundraising experts and influencers:

  1.  John Haydon, Nonprofit digital marketing expert & coach (@johnhaydon)
  2. Amy Sample Ward, CEO of NTEN Nonprofit Technology Network (@amyrsward)
  3. Beth Kanter, #NPTech blogger and author (@kanter)
  4. Rachel Muir, Fundraising and Nonprofit expert (@RachelMuir)
  5. Julia Campbell, #NPTech digital marketer (@JuliaCSocial)
  6. Vanessa Chase, Communications Strategist at The Storytelling Nonprofit (@VanessaeChase)
  7. Gail Perry, Fundraising expert (@GailPerryNC)
  8. Joe Waters, Cause marketing expert (@JoeWaters)
  9. Ritu Sharma, CEO of Social Media for Nonprofits (@RituSharma1)
  10. Farra Trompeter, VP of Big Duck (@Farra)

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