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Who’s Doin It Right- Aid for Africa

Who’s Doin It Right is Salsa’s blog series where we share some stellar examples of those using Salsa to make the most of their organizing efforts, working to build a base of support through online fundraising, email communications and outreach, social sharing and advocacy campaigns.

Testing a theory that the donation process was too complicated and cumbersome for the end-user, Aid for Africa began exploring new means for streamlining the process.Aid for Africa unites 85 member organizations under one umbrella. Their mission is clear, focus on individual and community needs in Sub-Saharan Africa, and their members come together to make one strong voice. However, administratively, having so many member organizations created some unique challenges. The most immediate issue was the troublesome conversion rates of their fundraising pages. Aid for Africa staff was repeatedly finding that while the pages had significant traffic, supporters were not completing donations for some reason.

While they found platforms that could help fix the technology issues, they couldn’t find one who could work within their budget, until they found Salsa.

Aid for Africa worked within Salsa’s online fundraising tools to set up donation pages for each of their member organizations that made the giving process easy for the donor and tracked supporter information back to a centralized database, as well as maintaining it for the member organization. Furthermore, Aid for Africa and its members were able to implement Salsa’s communication features to create automated email triggers, thanking individuals for their gifts and notifying the appropriate administrative personnel that there was something new to process.

Learn more about Aid for Africa and how Salsa helped them unify their systems by reading the full story.

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